Blitab – the new iPad for the blind

As 2017 is welcomed in, there is the opportuinity to take a look at what a range of different companies have in store in the coming months. One of the most intriguing new products is the Blitab tablet, aiming to revolutionise a technology that has remained the same for decades.

Originally created by Frenchman Louis Braille, the system that helps visually impaired people to read and which bears his name was designed as the first form of binary writing in the early 19th century. Although technology has progressed immeasurably since then, the basics of braille have remained the same. Until now.

This new technology works by utilising a basic 2×3 grid, with small dots that pop up through the holes in order to form the braille letters.

Completely refreshable, and able to change any text file into readable braille, the Blitab increases the versatility and accessibility of all literary sources for people who are blind or have sight problems. It means that blind people will be able to surf the web, read books not previously printed in braille and have access to all manner of different sources that people with regular sight take for granted.

Although details are limited at this time as the product is just a prototype, it is clear the general release model will be drastically slimmer and more portable than the beta prototype. It is also believed that the bottom half of the tablet will allow the user to type in an accessible manner.

This is a great step forward, and an awesome glimpse into how modern technology is helping to make the lives of people will any manner of ailments, that bit easier.

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