4 Ways to Make Your Controller Faster and Comfier

The basic design of a gaming pad, whether you’re a PlayStation or Xbox user, is one of great controversy. PlayStation fanatics will tell you that the position of their analogue sticks is the best and most logical, whereas Xbox users will claim theirs are more ergonomic and conducive to fast gaming. However, the one fact that remains is that these controllers are designed to fit the masses. This means that there is an inevitable presence of parts which don’t fit your particular style. We’ve already shown you how to customise the look of your controller, so here we have a list of the best add-ons or gadgets to help customise a controller to fit your hand, as well as your style.

Analogue stick grips

Price: $5.99  (£5.99 )

Analogue stick grips are painfully basic, yet can change the feel and performance of a controller for the better in ways that have to be felt to be believed. Though they may feel weird at first, you’ll begin to grow accustomed to them within about ten minutes of gaming, at which point you’ll be able to bask in their greatness. They offer far more control by giving a bigger, grippier surface area for your thumb, meaning that you’re less likely to slip at key moments. They also make the clicking down of the stick a far more comfortable experience and much easier to maintain. This is critical for gamers who require the analogue stick to be held down to sprint. Furthermore, they are incredibly cheap and protect your stick from inevitable wear and tear.

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of stick grips. Just get them, trust Geeknaut!

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Trigger extenders

Price: $12.15  (£5.99 )

Trigger extenders come in two basic formats; ones that stick to the existing trigger and ones that clip on. We recommend the latter, that way if it’s not for you, then you can always take them off without any repercussions. The benefit of a trigger extender is that it allows you to hold down the trigger for long periods of time with ease; it also decreases the time spent pulling the trigger. This is crucial for games like Assassin’s Creed or FIFA, which require you to hold the trigger for long periods, or for shooting games where the time it takes to shoot can mean the difference between killing and being killed.

As these are similarly cheap accessories, they are certainly worth a shot, even if it’s not a problem you feel like you’ve experienced. Playing without them might not take away much, but you’ll definitely notice the benefits with them on.

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Handle grips

Price: $12.38  (£8.25 )

The problem with all of the main controllers is that the hard plastic they are made from can become very slippery. While this means that they are incredibly durable, ideal if you are prone to a bit of gamer rage, it can mean that in those tense gaming situations the controller can become much harder to handle. The grip is pretty self-explanatory, in that it eliminates the slippery tendency and allows you to keep hold on, even in the most high pressure situations.

Grips come in two different forms: the basic handle grip and a skin. A skin is mostly designed for aesthetics, but also offers the same grippy benefits, though they do cover the entire controller. Simply opting for the handle grips can be more expensive, but well worth it if you want to keep the rest of your controller clear of silicone.

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Full kit

Price: $18.99  (£11.99 )

The benefit to a full controller gear kit out is that it offers the advantages of all of the above, as well as a lot more. Though a controller gear may not look the most stylish, they are full of gadgets that can help improve your gaming. For example, it comes with pre-fitted trigger extenders and a grip, not to mention bigger buttons, which have the same impact as a trigger extender does on the trigger. The bigger buttons speed up the pressing process, as well as decreasing the space between buttons for faster movement. The final benefit is that this gear essentially makes the directional buttons into a third analogue stick, making the shift between directional buttons faster and actually far more logical. This means that games that require you to use the directional buttons at the same time as the left analogue stick are far easier to navigate.

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Geeknaut tip

Ps4 controller light covers

Price: $9.94  (£5.99 )

If you usually play in the dark, then the light on the back of the PS4 controller can be somewhat of a nuisance, as it illuminates the entire room. Though you can dim the brightness, a more personal touch is to add a sticker over the top of the light. This gives your controller a customised look whilst reducing the troublesome glare.

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