6 Apps to Install Before You Travel

Smartphones have changed pretty much every aspect of modern life and can prove very handy in particular when you’re away from home. You can find recommendations and services in an instant without having to know the city you’re in or even the local language!

Here are the iPhone and Android apps you should install before you travel:

Lyft / Uber

lyft 1   uber 1

Both Lyft and Uber are at the forefront of a quickly-changing taxi industry and both work by allowing you to hail a cab remotely, paying for it through the app.

They are especially helpful when travelling as they take payment from your card at home, eradicating the risk of you being confused by the local currency. They also reduce the need to know intricate details about local customs and taxi brands.

There is little to choose between these two excellent apps and both will ensure you reach your destination. However, it is worth checking before you travel that they operate in the country you are visiting.

First Aid by Red Cross

red cross 1    red cross 2

This is a useful app to have at home or away, but dealing with emergencies or injuries abroad can offer an even greater challenge. The First Aid by Red Cross app allows offline advice on a number of different ailments and helps you seek out solutions without the need to visit a doctor or hospital.


opentable 1    opentable 2

OpenTable is a great way of finding somewhere good to eat in a hurry. There is little worse than arriving on the first night of a holiday, tired from travel, and being unable to find a restaurant that suits everyone in your party. OpenTable helps you avoid having to call up numerous restaurants and means you don’t have to rely on a concierge to make your choice for you.


citymapper 1    citymapper 2

Citymapper is a handy way of getting used to local public transport options as well as planning your trip across town. Sometimes struggling to read timetables or navigate maps with unfamiliar place names can stall your progress whilst out and about. Citymapper offers you different options for your trip, providing you with the important timings and journey duration estimates you need.


tripcase 1    tripcase 2

TripCase is an all-in-one travel app that allows you to easily manage all of your important trip information. You can manually enter your travel details or forward your flight confirmations to the app, which then automatically adds them. Once you have provided all your information, it is displayed in a convenient timeline you can refer to offline. This allows you a great deal of peace of mind and means you don’t have to weigh yourself down with a folder full of confirmations and booking forms.


xe 1    xe 2

XE is by far the market leader in currency exchange rate apps. It’s always useful to have a currency converter on your phone to ensure you have a proper idea of what the currency you are using is really worth. It sounds obvious, but knowing exactly what something is costing you in your native currency, rather than trying to work it out on the fly, can make a huge difference to the overall cost of your trip.

If you’re on Android you can also add a widget to make the conversion even more convenient.

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