Alarmshock: The Electric Shock Wristband That Wakes You Up and Keeps You Up


Are you a habitual snooze button-basher? Ever missed an important meeting after switching your alarm clock off and then falling asleep again? Alarmshock could be the potent, painful solution you’ve been waiting for!

In an ideal world, we’d all wake up with warm sunlight on our faces, Mother Nature gently rousing us from our slumber and giving us ample time to wrap up our dreams about waiting in the Post Office queue in our underpants (just me?). In reality, though, most of us start our days with a jolt as our smartphone or clock alarm sounds, its borderline sarcastic squawks causing us to frantically fumble for the snooze or Off button.

Waking up suddenly isn’t especially good for us, but even worse, say both scientists and the creators of Kickstarter hopeful Alarmshock, is snoozing. Repeatedly waking and then nodding off for a few minutes at a time does little more than set us up for a day of sluggishness and low productivity thanks to the poor quality sleep we get between those series of beeps. To add insult to lethargy, serial snoozers often end up sleeping long past their intended rising hour, resulting in a mad dash for the door and a hungry, stress-filled commute.

That’s what inspired the creators of Alarmshock to come up with a wrist-strap that not only wakes its wearer, but makes it next to impossible for them to go back to sleep.

According to the makers’ Kickstarter sales pitch, Alarmshock first wakes its wearer with either an alarm or a gentle vibration. Where the device differs from similar tech is that, if the wearer does not get up within two minutes of that alarm, the wristband gives them a small electric shock. Soon after, another shock comes, but this time a little stronger — and they keep coming, building in both intensity and frequency, the longer the wearer stays in bed. The only way to put an end to the pain, or the promise of it, is to get yourself to the Alarmshock docking station, ideally kept in another room, which releases the strap’s lock.

With 26 days remaining in its crowdfunding campaign, Alarmshock has amassed roughly $2,500 of its $50,000 goal. Its makers say that the device is already in its prototype phase and that, should their financial goals be met, they should be on track for their June 2017 launch. Backers who cough up enough dough could say goodbye to the snooze button in just over six months’ time.

There are still a few questions and concerns about Alarmshock, such as the precise strength of the shocks it gives and whether, if the docking station should for some reason fail to release the wristband’s lock, there is some other way of getting the thing off your arm to prevent it from zapping you all day long. But the promise of starting our days not just on time but with the energy we routinely find ourselves lacking is genuinely appealing. If that can be achieved by adding a little more wearable tech to our lives, then all the better!

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