The Sound of Silence: Apple Dumps Iconic Mac Startup Sound for New MacBook Pro


Stop all the clocks; Apple’s iconic Mac startup sound has died.

When you use a particular brand of hardware for years on end, you tend to miss the little things when they’re gone or get changed in the name of progress. Much like how avid gamers can’t help but smile when they hear the original PlayStation jingle or Xbox “achievement unlocked” pop, Mac lovers the world over have become quite attached to their computers’ startup sound over the years.

So if you were annoyed that Apple has decided to drop support for HDMI and SD-cards with its new MacBook Pro, there’s a good chance that the news that the notebooks will ship without the now iconic Mac startup sound will kick you squarely in the feels.

The Mac jingle has been an identifying feature of every Apple home computer since the original Macintosh, the sound going more or less unchanged since the arrival of those funky blue and purple iMacs in the late 90s, and proudly announcing to the user (and often the otherwise silent library or sleeping household) that the system was ready for action.

Even the titular robot from Pixar’s animated movie WALL-E played the Mac startup sound whenever he recharged his batteries…

But now, thanks mainly to the advent of super-fast solid-state drives and automatic startup, the new MacBook Pro’s boot cycle is so short that users can begin working on their machines right away. Opening the lid of the new laptop will prompt the computer to boot — rather than simply wake — in seconds, with zero fanfare required.

Yes, it’s only a minor change, and those who have grown up using iPhones and iPads — devices that are designed to be left turned on 24/7 and thus do not require a dedicated startup jingle — probably won’t even notice that it’s gone. For those of us who are now old enough to have to worry about things like nasal hair or visible moustaches, however, the sudden removal of the Mac sound will come as sad news.

Still, there’s always the option of setting up a cassette or MiniDisc player with the sound recorded on it and playing that every time you open up your laptop…

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