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Black Friday is still a few days away, however, Amazon have already started their deals, and will continue to offer discounted products every day between the 14th of November to the 25th of November.

Black Friday itself is always the Friday following Thanksgiving, an American public holiday which falls on the final Thursday of November. The sales that Black Friday brings and the tradition surrounding it means that it is by far the biggest single retail day in the United States, and that trend is fast spreading around the world.

Throughout Amazon’s 11 days of sales Geeknaut will trawl through all the offers and bring you a pick of the day, so be sure to check back to see what has been picked out.

Note: some of these deals are “lightning deals” – limited stock offered at the lower price, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So make sure to act fast!

Friday 25th November – Amazon Echo – Black
Price: $179.99 $139.99


The Amazon Echo “smart speaker” is the ultimate digital personal assistant for tech lovers and the chronically disorganised alike. A home automation hub, Echo can be communicated with via voice and can provide music playback, be used to set alarms (of the non-electrifying kind), provide live weather and traffic info, and even listens as you dictate to-do lists. It’s basically Siri for your house and will make you feel like you live in space.

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Thursday 24th November –  Sony XBR55X700D 55-Inch HDR 4K Ultra HD TV (2016 Model) + PlayStation 4 Pro
Price: $1,297 $1,097.00 


We rated the PlayStation 4 Pro as the best console for serious tech lovers, and this bundle, which combines a dazzling 55-inch Ultra-HD display with Sony’s 4K-focused machine, is ideal for that exact demographic. This isn’t exactly a minor purchase at over a thousand dollars, but if bought separately (and, let’s be honest, you need a good 4K display to get the most out of the PS4 Pro), you’d end up paying just shy of $1,300, so with this Black Friday bundle you’re saving $200 — which would easily pay for a couple of games and an extra controller.

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Wednesday 23rd November – Aquafree Dry Bag Backpack

Price: $46.70 $21.84


As winter approaches, the inevitable risk of getting soaked increases. Unfortunately, this could mean soaking your laptop, tablet or any other gadgets you carry around, bricking them all in one fell swoop. It’s about time to get a contingency plan, and at nearly half price, this dry bag is the solution to those problems. Available in all manner of sizes and colours from 5L to 40L, it can easily fit whatever you need to keep 100% dry.

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Tuesday 22nd November – Xbox One S 1TB Console, Battlefield 1 Special Edition
Price: $349.99 $299.99


Three days ago Sony put a vertical stand for their PlayStation 4 console on offer. That deal now has been eclipsed by Microsoft’s latest discount. At its release, the Xbox One suffered sales losses to Sony because of the price, but they’ve amended that and bettered it with another $50 off for Black Friday. If you want more information on which console to buy this Christmas, look here. However, if you’re set on the Xbox One, then now is definitely the time to buy. $250 for a console, pad, and a game (worth $60 alone) is going to be very hard to beat.

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Monday 21st November – ViewSonic 1080p Projector
Price: $549.99 $459.99


This is another big ticket item recommendation, following yesterday’s headphones. However, if you have the cash, both are worthy of inspection. ViewSonic produce some of the most reliable and cheapest projectors to maintain on the market. They come in at about half the price of their Sony or Panasonic competitors, while still competing on quality. Currently, you will struggle to find a projector over 1080p and with more than 3,000 lumens (the brightness) for anything less than the $1,000 mark aside from the ViewSonic. If you’re in the market for a projector, this is the one for you, and now is the time to get it!

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Sunday 20th November – Bose QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Earphones
Price: $249.99 $199.00


Geeknaut has already laid out the best earphones available at the moment, and Bose are essentially the current stand alone market leader in headphones and earphones. The main barrier between most people and their products is the price, but you get what you pay for, which is the best pair of earphones available right now. For that reason, a $50 discount is the perfect opportunity to snag a pair for yourself or as a gift. You won’t be disappointed.

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Saturday 19th November – Sony PlayStation 4 vertical stand
Price: $21.96 $12.99


Geeknaut recently published an article on which is the best console to get this Christmas, and the PS4 came out at the top in nearly every category. Obviously this is just an accessory, but the sleek design of the Playstation 4 is far better realised on its side,  and it’s also a great space saver.

This is a lightning deal though, so you’ll have to be fast!

Friday 18th November – EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
Price: $999.99 $499.99


‘Hoverboards’ as they have become known were the must have gift for last Christmas, so it makes sense that the technology has progressed in the last year. The EPIKGO is the natural evolution of the hoverboard, offering increased safety, battery life and power, as well as its ability to go off-road. This model is way bigger (almost 30%) than the market leader, and can fully charge in 2 hrs. Combined with the half price discount, this makes it the deal of the day!

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Thursday November 17th – RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler
Price: $16.78 $11.99


RTIC are a direct competitor of the famous YETI brand of tumblers and coolers. The problem with some big brands is that you can easily overpay simply for the prestige of the name on the label. RTIC are now a fully established brand and competitor with nearly 6,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. This tumbler will keep your drinks ice cold or piping hot for more than ten hours, which is currently a market leader.

RTIC tumblers are already half the price of the like-for-like YETI model so, with the further Black Friday discount, this is a must buy!

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Wednesday November 16th – Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit
Price: $249.00 $149.99


SmartThings is Samsung’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Made by Google in the home tech integration market. Don’t be deterred by the name though, their products are compatible with your entire current home tech, whether it’s made by Amazon, Bose or anyone else. SmartThings links all your devices, from speakers to home monitoring cameras.

The main setback for this kit in the past has been the price, so with a full $99 of discount, now is the time to make the move!

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Tuesday November 15th– TaoTronics Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones
Price: $59.99 $25.49


Taotronics are one of the smaller brands that started making competitive headphones and other accessories, but by creating lower-price high-quality goods have made a name for themselves. These headphones offer a balance of that same quality at a now hugely discounted price for Black Friday.

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Monday November 14th – RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger
Price: $79.99 $37.49


The size of this portable charger is enough to charge the new iPhone 7 more than nine times, and a Samsung Galaxy S7 more thansix times. Geeknaut has already written about the benefits of portable chargers, but the benefits of power banks can never be oversold, they’re great. And, at such a discount for a fantastic product, this is an awesome deal.

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