Binky App: Could New ‘Anti’ Social Media App Catch On?

Like asking for a promotion at work when you can’t do your job, the idea of creating a social media app without any sort of social component sounds ridiculous. However, Binky, the new social network set up as a joke, could be set to have the last laugh after users started flocking to embrace the emptiness.

What is the Binky Social Media App?

At first glance, Binky sounds like a neat amalgamation of various other popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder. You look at a feed of photographic posts and can interact with them in several ways, from liking and re-binking to swiping left or right. The twist, though, is that nothing you do makes it out into the real world. It is all completely meaningless.

Cynics will suggest that your everyday activity on Facebook or Twitter is much the same and that it doesn’t really matter what you post or comment on, but the point with Binky is that it has been designed purely for those moments when you want to scroll through something, but nothing in particular. In a digital world inhabited by trolls and spreaders of fake news, Binky takes away the pressure of having to come across as busy, funny and chilled all the time.

Does it Satisfy Cravings?

It fills the void of absent-minded social media scrolling without the emotional angst, and even the name ‘Binky’ is slang for a baby’s dummy. A dummy is used as the app’s logo and the tagline ‘satisfy your phone cravings’ has already resulted in more than 20,000 downloads in just a few weeks.

Dan Kurtz, the app’s creator, said: “As soon as I started showing it to people, they said it felt a little bit like a nicotine patch for social media.” Kurtz does not believe it is significant to a lot of users whether they are looking at someone’s status update or photos of baked goods, and he is enjoying keeping the joke going.

Kurtz is now developing an Android version to go with the iOS app and it will be fascinating to see whether Binky’s early momentum gathers pace or whether it will remain a short-term fad. It could just be that Kurtz has to introduce more elements to keeps fans hooked, but he will have to be careful that Binky does not become like one of the very social networks he is satirising.

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