5 Battery Expansion Options

06/08/2016 Axel Brown 0

Keeping your phone well charged is one of the biggest problems for most modern smart phone users, and often leads to huddling over a socket in a café or airport as you desperately try to […]

Kindle Charger
Android Accessories

5 Best Kindle Charger Options

14/02/2013 Uzair 0

Amazon’s best selling gadget Kindle is a treat for everyone, especially the reading aficionados and with its exuberant features the reading gets more comfortable and tireless. There are plenty of accessories available in the market […]

Android Voice Commands

Android Voice Commands: An Extensive List

02/02/2013 Uzair 0

Google Android has already captured a huge portion of smartphone market with its unique features and almost 600,000 free and paid apps. There are some of the features that come bundled with the standard Android […]

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