Google Play Store Changes Announced

Google has announced a number of changes to Google Play, the marketplace that supplies its phones and tablets with games and apps. The adjustments are designed to make it easier for users to purchase content […]


Microsoft Unveil New Nokia 216

Microsoft recently decided to scale back production of their Windows phone, apparently with the aim of selling that side of the business, but it seems they are still committed to releasing mobile devices under the […]

Android Applications

How to Send Large Files

Although sending large files to friends, family or colleagues can seem like a real pain, if you want to share a holiday video, a batch of pictures or a program file without putting either email […]


How to Listen to Podcasts on Android

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity year-on-year, with billions of downloads available across all manner of different topics. iTunes displays podcasts neatly in their own tab on Apple devices, but for Android users it’s not […]


5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Phones these days seem to be able to do everything almost intuitively, so it’s perfectly easy to have your phone for years, maybe with some issues you didn’t know you could fix, things you didn’t […]

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