5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Phones these days seem to be able to do everything almost intuitively, so it’s perfectly easy to have your phone for years, maybe with some issues you didn’t know you could fix, things you didn’t […]


5 Battery Expansion Options

Keeping your phone well charged is one of the biggest problems for most modern smart phone users, and often leads to huddling over a socket in a café or airport as you desperately try to […]


7 Ways to Stay Safe Paying on Your Mobile

As smart phones become more and more powerful, and their capabilities expand, most peoples need for a traditional computer will dwindle. Therefore, it is vitally important to stay safe when paying for things online when […]


5 Best Free VPN apps for iPhone and Android

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential for making sure that your internet use is safe, or for accessing blocked content.  A free VPN ensures your privacy by encrypting your connection to the internet […]


Samsung Galaxy S7 – 3 months later

Samsung Galaxy S7 – 3 Month Review I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S7 for three months now, and yes, I was one of those guys that had it on pre-order.  After two years of using […]

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Switch from Apple to Samsung

I’m making the switch from Apple to Samsung – why? Well, I’ve been an avid iPhone user since the days of the 3GS and have had their new model every year when my contract was […]

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