Wallpaper HTC Desire Free

100 Best Free HTC Desire Wallpapers

We all love customizing our devices with latest Wallpapers, themes, apps and ringtones. Among these, wallpapers are the ones that bring the most eye candy to a device and HTC Desire is no different. Wallpapers […]


70 BlackBerry Playbook Wallpapers

I know that most of you have been playing with your BlackBerry playbook for quite some time now and the default look of it is kind of boring when you have had it for little […]


15 Best Android Books for Developers

Android is a very vast field and as with all other subjects, you need books to learn it. As always, some books are going to be better than others. There are quite a number of […]

android voip sipdroid

Best Android VoIP Clients

What is Android VoIP? Android voip is a way of calling people over internet with your android phones. These calls are made without over internet without accessing your mobile operator, thus clearing the middle man […]

android vs blackberry

Android vs Blackberry: Which is Better?

With the battle between the mobile OS giants getting hotter with Google launching its Android OS and the Research in Motion (RIM) appearing with Blackberry OS 7. It’s getting real hard for costumers to decide […]


100 High Quality qHD Wallpapers for Android

After Apple impressed everyone with their retina display on the iPhone 4, it was just a matter of time before something similar was developed for the Android phones. Resolution of a retina display is 960×640px […]

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How to activate a Verizon phone

Verizon is a global broadband and telecommunication company which was found back in 1983 and has excelled since then to become one of the United States top network Providers. The company started off with ‘Wireline’ […]


3 Best Bluetooth Android Keyboards

Google has made a huge fan base with their Android tablets and smartphones. These devices are available at reasonable price and offer many features which fit almost everyone’s taste. However, when it comes to heavy […]


5 Best Virtual Piano Keyboards

Only a few decades ago Casio Keyboards were very popular and the history has repeated itself but this time in a more significant and prodigious way. Virtual Piano Keyboard has become renowned for its easy […]

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