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What Is Raspberry Pi?

07/01/2017 Axel Brown 0

axelRaspberry pi is a British single board computer company that released their first model back in 2012. However, it was in 2014 when they released their smaller and less expensive model, that they really burst […]

password usb
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How to Password Protect USB Drive

20/03/2013 Uzair 0

You need to constantly password protect USB drive because you will sometimes, if not always, share it with your friends and colleagues. Sharing your USB drive is one of the ways of creating security risks […]

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse
Computer Accessories

Top 15 Bluetooth Mouse Options

12/03/2013 Uzair 1

Even after the advent of tabs and smartphones with super-sensitive touch screens, Mouse still remains the most trusted and preferred navigation tool to perform both simple gestures as well as complex gaming manoeuvres. This is attributed to the fact […]

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