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What Is Raspberry Pi?

07/01/2017 Axel Brown 0

axelRaspberry pi is a British single board computer company that released their first model back in 2012. However, it was in 2014 when they released their smaller and less expensive model, that they really burst […]

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
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5 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

31/10/2012 Uzair 3

There are plethora of functional, durable and awesome keyboards available in the market and Wireless gaming keyboards besides providing extensive gaming experience also provide portability and precisely the experience a gaming aficionado deserves. Wireless gaming keyboards get […]

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite
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Top 5 Ergonomic Keyboards

27/07/2012 Uzair 0

There are versatile keyboards available in the market which vary in terms of functionality, elegance, geekness, arrangement and ergonomics. Keyboards have been manufactured by renowned as well as less famous manufacturers with multiple exclusive features […]

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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5 Mechanical Keyboards You Should Check Today

11/04/2012 Uzair 0

Now a days,  membrane keyboards are more famous due to their cost effectiveness and other salient features but nevertheless it is always nice to switch back to retro version of Keyboards which go by the name Mechanical […]

Keyboard for Gaming Logitech G19
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15 Best Gaming Keyboards

01/03/2012 Uzair 2

Mundane keyboards were forfeited by gaming keyboards a long time ago. As a gamer one always feels like a loser with that ordinary QWERTY keyboard that comes bundled with PC. Even if you have a […]

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Laser Keyboard and How it Works

13/09/2011 Uzair 2

This decade has been a decade of surprises with Phones without a Keyboard, touchscreen technologies, 3D cameras and movies, Projectors that fit in pockets and now the elusive Laser Keyboard which once seemed a dream […]

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