Track Facebook Viewers

How to Track Who is Viewing You on Facebook

No App or Setting to Track Facebook Viewers   You might be curious regarding who recently visited or viewed your Facebook profile. Unfortunately, Facebook has released a statement saying there is absolutely no way that […]

trace ip address map
How-To Tutorials

How to Trace an IP Address

What is an IP Address?   IP Address simply means Internet Protocol Address. Each computer or device has its own unique number, which is called the IP address. Your computer can find and communicate with […]

Microsoft Security Essentials

How to turn off Microsoft security essentials on Windows PC

Microsoft security essential is Microsoft’s own security software or freeware security application that incorporates several other security features such as Microsoft’s antivirus, Anti-malware, and firewall applications. Though Microsoft does not recommend that you turn off […]

password usb
Computer Accessories

How to Password Protect USB Drive

You need to constantly password protect USB drive because you will sometimes, if not always, share it with your friends and colleagues. Sharing your USB drive is one of the ways of creating security risks […]

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