Computer Accessories

15 Custom Computer Cases You Will Love

Who doesn’t like custom computer cases. Nerds and professionals all like to customize their workstations (or gaming rigs) to make their quality of life better and make everyone else jealous. Some people prefer to customize […]


5 Best Gaming Desktops – 2013

Gaming desktops have gotten more and more powerful over the years, as major technological advances in processing power allow for more highly detailed environments than ever before. Taking advantage of the highest settings in graphical […]


40 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Learn

When it comes to computer everyone wants speed and even more speed. May it be people who work in offices under bosses or self-employed people, Keyboard shortcuts always come handy to increase the output of […]

Computer Accessories

Laser Keyboard and How it Works

This decade has been a decade of surprises with Phones without a Keyboard, touchscreen technologies, 3D cameras and movies, Projectors that fit in pockets and now the elusive Laser Keyboard which once seemed a dream […]


3 Best Bluetooth Android Keyboards

Google has made a huge fan base with their Android tablets and smartphones. These devices are available at reasonable price and offer many features which fit almost everyone’s taste. However, when it comes to heavy […]


5 Best Virtual Piano Keyboards

Only a few decades ago Casio Keyboards were very popular and the history has repeated itself but this time in a more significant and prodigious way. Virtual Piano Keyboard has become renowned for its easy […]

Computer Accessories

5 Best Gaming Mouse for Hard-Core Gamers

Gaming Keyboards with a good gaming mouse are a must-have for PC gaming. Over the years, computer technology has evolved exponentially with modifications and even replacements to many traditional technologies. The typical Mouse happens to […]


120+ Halloween Emoticons for Download

Halloween is coming. Have you pimped up your computer with the latest halloween wallpapers? Halloween is less than a fortnight away and people are already getting busy with making costumes and arranging parties. We love […]

Computer Accessories

50 Exquisite Halloween Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Halloween is here again. It is that part of the year when everything is orange, pumpkins are everywhere, everyone’s buying costumes and all are arranging the costume parties. Children are guising for the ‘trick 0r […]

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Mac OS X

7 Must-Have Security Apps for Mac

Mac users are always under the impression that their systems are secure and that no one can ever hack into their Macs. This is just a myth. Macs are prone to attacks as much as […]

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