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Dropped iPhone in Water? Here is What to Do

Apple iPhone is a very expensive and precious device which nobody would want to loose in any circumstance. But there are still many instances where  people encounter the adversity of dropping iPhone in water. For example, […]

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How to activate a Verizon phone

Verizon is a global broadband and telecommunication company which was found back in 1983 and has excelled since then to become one of the United States top network Providers. The company started off with ‘Wireline’ […]

How to backup and restore iphone
How-To Tutorials

How to Backup and Restore an iPhone

Many people don’t know how to backup and restore an iPhone. Many people worry about losing their iPhone and all the valuable data they had on it. Losing a valuable device like iPhone could be […]

iphone diy stand

10 Best DIY iPhone Stands

Smart DIY iPhone stands are as good as it gets. Apple iPhone changed the way we use technology in our day-to-day lives. There is not a lot of stuff that comes with the iPhone package. We are […]


How to Reset iPhone

The scene is, you are running some application on your iPhone and suddenly all in a jiffy your iPhone starts acting crazy. The screen freezes, phone hangs and none of the applications are working properly […]


40 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Learn

When it comes to computer everyone wants speed and even more speed. May it be people who work in offices under bosses or self-employed people, Keyboard shortcuts always come handy to increase the output of […]

LEGO DIY Stand for iPad

12 DIY iPad Stands for 3 Bucks and Less

Now that you have bought iPad you would be looking for something that Apple did not put into your package. Yeah! We are talking about iPad Stands. Although, many would like to buy an Expensive […]

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