Cmhoo XL Mouse Pad Review

Having a giant mouse pad is great for gamers, but does it work on a normal desk? Giant mouse mats were originally designed to give gamers extra reach, stopping the mouse running off the pad. That seemingly small disadvantage could make the difference between completing your level or not, so it’s serious business.

The issue with these mats is that they don’t always work for the ‘average consumer’. With this in mind, I’ve taken one for a test drive to see how it works inextra large mouse pad review 1 both scenarios. I have paired it with my E-3LUE keyboard for the gaming side and used it for normal computer activities as well.


How Does it Look?

This mouse pad has a greyscale design of the Earth on it, displaying the lines of latitude and longitude, as well highlighting the UTC line in red in the middle. It is this design which stood out to me and is the reason I went for this model. All too often the larger mats come with ostentatious gaming designs, cartoon ladies, or similar as they are created with gamers in mind.

Unfortunately, when you look at the pad close up, the image is a little pixelated. It’s not clear whether this down is the quality of the source or the difficulties of printing on a mouse pad. Either way, some of the smaller details and country names on the pad are near impossible to read.

Its Size

This pad comes in a couple of different sizes; I went for the 31.5” x 11.8” x 2mm version. At first, I was struck by how small it was. Although I was aware of the dimensions when ordering, the images used to promote the pad were a little misleading. They showed a woman holding the pad at what must have been arm’s length towards the camera, taking full advantage of the perspective. Unless she is less than 3ft tall, that is a bit off.

However, it fits pretty nicely on my desk and is perfect for a two or three-screen set-up, as it fills the space between them nicely. Though, if you have a larger desk or bigger screens, it’s perhaps worth going for the marginally bigger one.


In terms of its purpose as an extra-large mouse pad, it can’t be faulted. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The only issue I can find is that its depth-to-width ratio could use a bit of work. It’s possible to run off the top of the mat with your mouse but, if you want a version with more depth, you’ll have to deal with the extra width too, something not everyone has room for. Also, with a design such as the globe, adding depth may not be easily done without distorting the image.

Another plus for the mat is that it is effective in keeping my keyboard and laptop secure on the table, both of which can otherwise be a bit slippery. This has come in handy a couple of times as, when playing Minecraft with the E-3LUE keyboard but without the Cmhoo mousepad, the keyboard would gradually run away from me as I pressed the keys.


The likes of Vistaprint and other companies are able to add your family photos onto a mouse pad extremely cheaply, and you can even get one printed at your local Walmart. For this reason, the $17 price tag may seem a little on the expensive side but, in terms of size, you are getting way more than your usual pad for your money. Buy from Amazon with Amazon Prime, and it’s a pretty good deal.


This is a good mouse pad, which fits its purpose perfectly. Though a lot of the promotional images make it look bigger than it is, the size is appropriate for most desks and the design fits the normal work desk, as well as a gaming set-up.

Priced reasonably for this size of pad, if you are on the fence about getting one, I can assure you it’s definitely worth a shot.

You can buy the pad Cmhoo XL Mouse Pad on Amazon for $17.

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  1. Wow this looks amazing, I wonder if someone can come up with interactive mouse pad in this niche 😀
    Possibilities are unlimited. As a tech person, I will be thrilled to have mouse pad which behaves differently depending on which country I am on. 🙂

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