December 2016 was the Apple App Store’s Most Profitable Month Ever

We all knew that mobile was a seemingly unstoppable force in the tech world, but nothing could prepare us for the amount of money Apple made through the App Store in December 2016.

Strap yourself in for some eye-watering figures, tech fans, we’re about to talk download figures and profits.

It was reported earlier today by The Verge that December 2016 was the Apple App Store’s biggest month of sales since the store’s establishment all the way back in 2008. Speaking with the website, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, revealed that the App Store made an incredible $3 billion in revenue in December 2016 alone. Being the proprietor of the popular virtual store rather than producing all of its content, Apple didn’t take all of that to the bank of course, but, if The Verge’s educated guess is anywhere close to being on the money, then the Cupertino tech giant will have raked in approximately $8.57 billion last year, with December accounting for a huge chunk of that.

A few other juicy titbits from the meeting include the fact that 2016 saw the number of free and paid applications on the App Store surpass the 2.2 million mark, and that those apps’ developers took home an impressive $20 billion last year alone — a 40 percent increase on the previous year.

Clearly, even with Google’s Play Store taking a huge bite out of profits, this beast isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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