Gadget Safes: The Best Ways to Keep your Tech Secure

The value of your various gadgets can add up to a small fortune, so keeping them secure is a must. A safe is a good solution to this problem but, with a range of different sizes and shapes on the market, it’s difficult to know which is the best option. Before you jump right in and buy a basic safe, it’s worth considering a few things first:

  1. Where are you going to keep it?
  2. What are you going to put in it?
  3. What is the biggest threat to your gadgets?
  4. How much do you want to spend?

Basic House Safe

1. Where: House
2. What: Small gadgets and valuables
3. Threat: Burglary
4. Price: $55

This is your common house safe; very few frills, but does the job well and will fit in most of your gadgets. A safe like this is probably the best one-stop option for your items, but it is not without its drawbacks. For instance, it won’t fit a laptop in it and is neither fire nor waterproof.

This is the best low-cost option to keep your valuables safe from thieves. However, when it comes to keeping all your gadgets secure, there are some more specialised options that you may prefer. Buy this safe on Amazon.

Laptop Safe

1.Where: House
2.What: Laptops and other gadgets
3.Threat: Burglary
4.Price: $90

A specific laptop safe is key for users that need to keep their computer secure, as most safes are neither wide enough nor long enough to fully fit a laptop. For this kind of larger safe you need to splash out a little bit, as they start around the $90 mark. However, this is a small price to pay to prevent burglars getting their hands on your hardware, especially if it contains important documents or files.

Often, the most devastating loss in a robbery of gadgets is not the tech itself (which can be replaced through insurance), but the contents stored digitally within. Given how much many people rely on their laptops, a secure house safe that can accommodate your laptop while you sleep or are away travelling is a must-have. Buy this laptop safe on Amazon.

Water/Fireproof SafeGadget Safe 3

1.Where: House
2.What: Hard drives and small gadgets
3.Threat: Fire & water
4.Price: $25

If you are more worried about the risk of having your tech or files damaged by fire or water, then you can pick up a safe that protects them from both relatively cheaply. However, if you need one with the same protection as the common house safe then you are looking at spending a couple of hundred dollars.

There is really no reason not to own a small fire and waterproof safe in which to keep your backup hard drive. You can get a good one for around $25, and the amount of anguish this could save in the event of a disaster is well worth the small cost. Buy this safe on Amazon.

Portable SafeGadget Safe 4

1.Where: Anywhere
2.What: Phone and other small items
3.Threat: Thieves
4.Price: $25

A portable safe is an important option for people who are on the move a lot. If you are not sure of the options available for stashing your valuables on your next trip, you are able to ensure a level of security by bringing a handy safe with you.

While a small portable safe isn’t the most secure thing in the world, it places an obstacle in the way of opportunist thieves and allows you additional peace of mind. It also feels more secure than relying on those hotel safes to which anyone connected to the establishment could have the key.

These safes come with a small but strong wire, allowing you to attach them to something secure so no one can just run off with the whole safe. Buy this portable safe on Amazon.

Bag Safe

1.Where: Anywhere
2.What: Tablets or Laptops, depending on size
3.Threat: Thieves
4.Price: $70

A bag-style safe is by far the most versatile type of safe, especially for travel. They come in varying sizes, which means you can select the model that best suits what you want to take with you. A 12-litre bag, for example, can store a 13-inch laptop.

The main benefit to this style of safe is its ease of use. It folds down into a backpack or case while you travel, then you can add all your gadgets inside when you reach your destination, securing it to a fixture in the hotel room, conference venue, coffee shop or wherever you are so it can’t be stolen.

These bags are knife proof and come with the same safety rating as other portable safes, but are far easier to pack, can hold more and look far better. They are also TSA approved so you can take them on your flights without any issues. Buy this bag safe on Amazon.

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