Google Play Store Changes Announced

gooleplaytopGoogle has announced a number of changes to Google Play, the marketplace that supplies its phones and tablets with games and apps. The adjustments are designed to make it easier for users to purchase content from the store and for app makers to offer promotional deals and subscription services.

The company has an eye on the developing world and Sameer Samat, vice president of product management for Google and Android, said at a software developer conference in San Francisco that the changes were necessary to help “the next billion users come online”. Google already offers a direct carrier billing capability, which allows users to charge purchases to their phone bill if they do not have access to a credit card, but that feature will now be expanded. The internet giant is focusing heavily on venturing into new territories where internet usage is new and different from the developed world. Many new users will only ever have accessed online content on phones, such as the Google Pixel, rather than on desktops or laptops.

Benefits for Developers

Those who produce content for Google Play can now test developing products on a select group of customers ahead of a full roll out, as well as offering a range of promotional pricepoints, such as discounted subscriptions for a limited amount of time before they are boosted to full price. The latter seems to be a reaction to Apple providing a similar service as part of recent upgrades to its App Store.

Users can now sign up for alerts on the availability of forthcoming apps, while Google has promised the system for spotting fake apps will be more robust and the store’s search facility more intuitive.

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