HandEnergy Charges Your Gadgets Through the Power of Movement Alone

Free, clean energy, wherever you need it. It sounds too good to be true, but Kickstarter success story HandEnergy looks set to provide just that.

We’ve all been there: you’re out and about, taking phone calls, messaging friends or just killing time with a cool new mobile game, when your phone’s battery indicator turns red. You’re low on charge and are miles from a power point — it’s only a matter of time until your screen goes black. Turning your screen’s brightness down will squeeze an extra few minutes out of the battery, but what you really need is juice. If only there were a way to charge your device without the need for a power outlet or unfolding some kind of portable solar panel array.

HandEnergy, an in-development portable energy generator from Be.Energy, could be the solution.

Already well clear of its financial goal of €50,000 with three days still to go, HandEnergy has received the support of more than 700 backers. The device, a pocket-sized sphere with a design akin to that of a Poké Ball, contains a gyroscope and a rotor that spins at speeds of up to 5,000 rpm, generating energy for use on the go, purely through the power of motion.


The unit is activated by winding the outer starter ring, which sends an electrical impulse to the magnetic rotor hidden within. The user keeps the rotor going by gently rotating their wrist as if nonchalantly preparing to toss a Pikachu at an opponent, generating energy that can be used to charge mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones — it’s so simple that you have to wonder why we haven’t all been using these things for years.

Here’s the company’s Kickstarter pitch:

HandEnergy’s designers say that their clever little ball takes about an hour to charge completely, so unless you have the wrists of a world-class weightlifter you probably won’t want to rely on it for mammoth video-watching sessions or using power-hungry apps, but as a fallback option when you’re in need of power on the go, this stylish, portable unit could be a real lifesaver — and best of all, it provides clean, truly portable energy.

If all goes to plan, finished HandEnergy units should start arriving on backers’ doorsteps in May 2017. If you want to be one of them, head over to the device’s Kickstarter page and donate.

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