LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket Released

LEGO has just released possibly one of its coolest ever models, the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket. This originated from the LEGO Ideas site, which is a place where independent makers can design a LEGO set of their own and, if it gains over 10,000 likes, it is submitted to LEGO for formal approval before potentially making it into shops.

LEGO Saturn V

LEGO Ideas a hard process to get through, and so far there have only been 17 sets make the cut. They can be themed around pretty much anything that catches the eye of the public, with most of those that go into development being sold in limited runs. Some of the more popular projects that have made it on sale, like The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and the Caterham Seven 620R sports car, are still available from the LEGO website.

LEGO Saturn VThe successful kits are usually based on TV shows or video games, but the Saturn V isn’t the first space-themed model to come from the LEGO Ideas site. In fact, there have been two previously; the Curiosity Rover in 2014 and the Hayabusa, which dates back to 2012 when LEGO Ideas was known as LEGO Cuusoo.

Saturn V is, however, the biggest set to ever come from the project. There are 1,969 pieces in the set, which is to represent the year of the first moon landing in 1969, and this mammoth set comes in at 1 metre tall, which is roughly 1:110 scale to the original. What’s unique about this set is that it has some internal dimensions to it; there is a removable landing module, as well as three all-new micro figures, and the model can be dismantled into the separate stages of the original rocket that took the first man to the moon.

This set is clearly meant as a display piece rather than a play set. The Saturn V comes with three different stands that hold it horizontally, although it can also be stood upright on its exhausts. Unfortunately, this set doesn’t come with anything to help keep it standing upright for any length of time, but that is understandable, as an authentic crawler or launch pad would be another gigantic LEGO set in its own right.

LEGO Saturn V

The Saturn V has already sold out of its first batch online, but LEGO has implied that there is another wave to come,LEGO Saturn V and some products may still be available in LEGO stores. The first sets, released on June 1st, 2017, sold out within hours and were left on back order for a while after. This is largely due to the unique nature of the set, but also in part thanks to the low price of just $119.99. Usually, a set of this size (around 2,000 pieces) would set you back a good $50 – $100 more.

Only time will tell whether the LEGO NASA Saturn V will join the ranks of the all-time great sets like the Taj Mahal or the original Millennium Falcon, both of which were prized for their complexity, design and the level of difficulty in the build. This is certainly an interesting new precedent for the LEGO ideas platform, though, and will hopefully lead to more new and ingenious sets bursting onto the scene.

Would you like to see a full review of this set when Geeknaut’s arrives? Let us know in the comments.

The LEGO NASA Saturn V can be bought from the LEGO Store, when new sets are released, or right now from Amazon Marketplace while stocks last.

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