Lemmings: The Coolest Use of a MacBook Pro Touch Bar Yet?


Apple’s Touch Bar is a clever new addition to the already hugely successful MacBook Pro, but using it to play classic puzzle-platform game Lemmings is simply inspired…

The Touch Bar-toting MacBook Pro has only been with us for a couple of months, but already developers are finding novel things to do with it — and some more than others.

For the uninitiated, the thinking behind Apple’s new Touch Bar is that, rather than having a row of dedicated function buttons at the top of one’s keyboard, this long OLED panel works in tandem with whatever application is running to present the user with software-specific options and icons, be they frequently used Photoshop functions or a simple row of emojis. It’s not quite dynamic e-ink keyboard levels of innovation, and at this point the technology still feels a little gimmicky, but the Touch Bar certainly has a lot of potential.

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Rather than simply mapping icons to his own Touch Bar, however, Stockholm-based iOS engineer Erik Olsson tried something a little bit different. As shown in the his tweeted video, Erik decided to use the space above his keyboard for a much more noble purpose: playing 1991 PC, Amiga and Atari ST smash-hit game Lemmings.

Of course, Touch Bar Lemmings here lacks a few of the bells and whistles that made the original game great (cliff edges, circular saws of death, and, well, pretty much every other ability the lemmings could make use of), but the mere sight of those suicidal, green-haired rodents trudging along the top of the keyboard is enough to make any old-school gamer smile, and it’s great to see developers thinking outside the box — or perhaps that should be “inside the bar”.

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