Meet ASAP Connect, the Cable That’s Trying to Change the Way We Charge


There’s a new crowdfunding campaign in town, and it’s turning a lot of heads. Standing out in the world of crowdfunding is tricky; there are countless different ideas coming live every day, and not all of them are great. However, every now and again a product or idea will gain traction and really capture the interest of the public. The ASAP Connect is one of those.

What is it?

The ASAP Connect uses a technology that has been around for a while, most notably on Apple MacBooks. It is a charger that connects to your device magnetically and the appeal of this is that you don’t need to fully insert the charger each time you want to connect, you don’t have to be precise in finding the hole or, as with non-Apple devices, making sure the cable is the correct way up.


How does it work?

The cable works with small opposing magnets surrounding the active charging part of the cable. This means that, when they are in close proximity to each other, they snap together to create a seal and charge your device. This does mean that a connector needs to be inserted in the phone for the charger to have something to latch on to. However, this little addition is not a permanent feature and can be removed as easily as a traditional connection.

What’s the appeal?

If you are trying to connect your phone to its charger in a hurry or in the dark, it can be a laborious process, attempting to get all the parts to match up and then connect. However, with a magnet, you just need to get the cable close to the receiver, and you’re done. This also means that when you have finished charging, you can just pull your device away without causing harm to the cable or the phone.

The drawback with this design is obviously the fact that you need to keep the receiving part plugged into your phone at all times. This creates a somewhat unsightly bump at the bottom of your phone, although the designers have tried to remedy this as best they can by offering a range of colour options.

Extra details

The cables are available from $15 on Indiegogo, and are currently shipping to the earlier backers of the project. More recent orders will then be honoured, before mass production of the ASAP Connect begins imminently.

This crowdfunding project is now at 845% of the original backing goal, having reached more than double its target in the first week alone.

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