Modi – The Modular Computer to Almost Anything

Google almost broke the internet when they teased the idea of a modular phone, and their exciting “project Ara”. However, a number of different hurdles meant that the planned 2016 project never came to fruition. Maybe the launch of their Pixel phone took priority. However, the idea of a modular computer is an idea that lives on, and continues to promise the same levels of versatility and intrigue.

Modi is a modular computer that aims to be the “robotics of things”, basically meaning that the product is designed to allow you to make a little device to perform pretty much any task. Modi is reminiscent of another popular computing tool, namely Raspberry Pi, a small computer designed to teach you about coding. However, what makes Modi different is that its modules allow you to create full inventions and program them easily to perform the task you want. For example, you can link your phone to a small motor which can release cat food for your pet while you’re away. Or maybe you just want to remotely turn on a light or TV.

The versatility of Modi comes from its click-together sections. Each piece has its own different purpose, which means that you can create your device depending on what you want it to achieve. You then program your robot with the simple drag and drop computer application.

Although this project has yet to be tested on the open market (it is currently a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter), it has achieved more than 3x its original goal, and does have working prototypes. One thing is clear, however. If they are able to make this work in a way that lives up to its potential, then we could have a total game changer on our hands.

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