Netflix: Four Ways To Enhance Your Watching Experience

Netflix is a wonderful service and one that has provided countless hours of entertainment to people around the world, but it is perfect? Of course not, so here are some other services with the sole purpose of enhancing your Netflix viewing experience.

The benefit of using external websites to help navigate the mass of content is that they are free of the Netflix algorithms. This means that you aren’t limited to what Netflix thinks you’ll enjoy, but can instead surf and choose freely from every show and movie available. However, as most of these services require you to use a computer, or at the very least a browser, those who watch on smart TVs or through a console may need to use a PC to make their selections before playing them on their screen of choice.


If you know roughly what you want to watch, but you’re not entirely sure, then AllFlicks is your friend. This service allows you to set the parameters you want, and receive a personalised list of shows. You are able to set the desired Netflix rating, the date range of release, as well as certain actors, directors and keywords, so you are able to be as specific or vague as you like and AllFlicks will only serve you the options you want.

Netflix Randomizer


Flix Assist

Have you ever got to the point in your Netflix binge that it asks you if you want to keep watching? Whilst this is meant as a helpful power and bandwidth saving feature, the seemingly innocuous question can seem more like an accusation along the lines of “what are you doing with yourself?” To save yourself from this sometimes shameful and/or annoying question, you can install the Netflix Flix Assist Chrome add-on. This will eliminate the “Are you still watching?” question as well as removing the somewhat-irritating countdown to the next episode.

Netflix - are you still watching?

Obviously, with this being a Chrome add-on you will need to be watching Netflix in Google Chrome.


Netflix Roulette works on a similar principle to Allflicks, but takes any element of choice out of the question. Though you are still able to enter parameters like the Netflix rating, genre, format (movies/TV) and other searching options, this service only delivers one result. Now, obviously, you are free to ‘spin’ again if you are not a fan of the result, or have already seen it, but let’s be honest, you’re doing yourself a disservice by playing roulette and not sticking with the outcome!

Netflix Roulette Logo


“Remember the mixtape”? That’s the catchline of Flixtape and sums up its modern take on the classic personalised music solution. Netflix Flixtape allows you to make a playlist, then save it or send it to someone. You can keep it for personal use, perhaps featuring a set of shows you like to watch when especially happy, or a series of movies to get you pumped up before a big meeting the next day. Or, perhaps you want to make a romantic playlist in order to win the heart of your crush.

All the benefits of the common mixtape are now available in Netflix format. Once you’ve made your playlist, you are just a click away from viewing the items on the list. But, if you’re sending someone a playlist, make sure they actually have a Netflix subscription, otherwise that’s just mean. Oh, and be aware of area restrictions as not all shows are available in every country.

Netflix Flixtape Logo


The new Netflix rating system of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” rating is a really polarising addition. Some people love it, others find it infuriating. While it means the suggestions Netflix shows you are more reliable, it also makes browsing for something new harder. It’s for this reason that these services are becoming more and more popular. Though Netflix is renowned for fighting add-on services, even updating their offering to make them useless, users will always battle to find a way to watch how they want.

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