New Photos Reveal the Inside of the Apple Campus 2

Apple’s new headquarters, Campus 2, has been in construction for around two years now, and yesterday the press were given their first look inside the building.


The original completion date was for the end of 2016, but given the state of the build from the current pictures, that seems unlikely. However, the spaceship-themed building, measuring over 2.8 million square feet, is now nearing completion.

Silicon Valley has seen a veritable building contest between the big names of tech who reside there, reminiscent of the San Gimignano towers of renaissance Italy (who doesn’t like an obscure reference?), and Apple has chosen a futuristic circular design in order to out-do its competitors.




Although it is just a shell at the moment, from the new picture, it is possible to pick out some cool design aspects. For example, the entire roof has a glass atrium which is said to serve as a cafeteria and communal area for employees. It is also known from the architectural drawings that the external and courtyard outdoor areas will have landscaped garden areas, and you can see the first trees being planted in the picture below. The central courtyard will also have a suitably extravagant water sculpture as its focal point, accompanying the landscaping work.



A further insight was provided by a drone video shot by Matthew Roberts, which shows the vast solar panel array that is being installed on the roof.

Silicon Valley developments – and Apple buildings in particular – are always interesting to watch, as they have a seemingly bottomless budget and can therefore integrate some of the latest technology and innovation to make the build as much of a showcase for the company as a practical structure. Seeing as Campus 2 was in part designed by the late Steve Jobs, it is safe to assume that it will be a head turner, and one that Geeknaut will certainly be keeping an eye on.

In addition, with the 2017 launch of the tenth anniversary iPhone 8 model, it’s set to be another exciting year for all things Apple

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