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LG V30 Rumors: What Do We Know So Far?

Technology giant LG looks set to release the brand new smartphone in the V-series, the LG V30, later this year. A follow-up to the V10 and V20, rumors suggest that the South Korean electronics company […]

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E-3LUE Gaming Keyboard Review

The E-3LUE keyboard is one of the mid-range gaming keyboards that comes in at around $50, but promises a lot of features. Headlined in the product information is the facility to control the buttons and […]

Computer Accessories

How to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

With the latest outbreak of ransomware dominating the news at the moment, following an attack that caused chaos in the NHS computer system in the UK, what is the best way to protect yourself? Ransomware […]

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What is EDC? Everyday Carry Explained

What is EDC? Well, first and foremost, it stands for Everyday Carry. The basic principle is that it refers to whatever you keep on your person whenever you leave the house. However, in reality, the […]

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Apple iOS 11 Reveal Date Confirmed For June

Apple could be about to put big smiles on their customers’ faces by releasing the long-awaited iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad owners. The Californian-based company should unveil their latest operating system next month […]

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New Amazon Echo Set For Launch

The news that Amazon is reportedly set to launch a new and improved Echo device must have been welcomed by the company’s competitors about as warmly as a football team that has just won the […]

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Which City in the UK has the Best 4G Coverage?

The need for greater 4G coverage in the UK has become a daily struggle, with the leading mobile operators constantly trying to keep up with the demands of customers. Well, thanks to research carried out […]

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