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25 Eco Friendly Products for Green People

If all of us begin to use these Eco-friendly gadgets in our daily lives, we would be able to cut a lot of electric energy wastage and reduce pollution. According to the United Nations Environment […]

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Computer Accessories

12 Weird USB Gadgets that Suck

USB was actually designed to allow many peripherals to be connected to computer using a single standardized interface socket but in the recent years, a lot of things have been manufactured that can be connected […]

maste chief costume

Master Chief Collector’s Costume

If you are someone who loves Halo and everything that is related to it, then you will certainly fall in love with the new Halo Master Chief Costume. This is a full body green protective […]

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15 Eco-Friendly Gadgets for Geeks

We know that it is that time of the year when people start to take care of earth. The Earth Day is coming and why should geeks remain behind all others who are going green […]

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10 Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets

A lot of gadgets we use in our everyday life require some sort of power source to work.  Most of them work on electric energy. It would be a lot more fun if we could […]

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$1.5 Million Peacock Wedding Dress

This is an incredible and most expensive Wedding Dress I have ever seen. The Peacock wedding dress has been hand sewen from 2,009 pieces of peacock feathers. It took about eight months for 8 creators […]

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12 Coolest Geeky Shoes Ever

Geeks want everything they use to be different from what the Crowd uses. They use unusual watches, Shirts, Sunglasses and Shoes are no different. These shoes we have included below are the coolest we have […]

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5 Classic Games That Also Run On Netbooks

Netbooks are basically laptops with limited capabilities. As such, many people who buy netbooks do so for affordability. Just as netbooks can surf the Internet and run some basic programs, they can also be used […]

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Xbox 360 Controller Soap

Lots of gamers love to see everything that looks like their gaming Consoles or Games. They buy a lot of Stuff that makes them remeber their Gaming consoles. This Xbox 360 controller Soap is a […]

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