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Mac OS X

7 Must-Have Security Apps for Mac

Mac users are always under the impression that their systems are secure and that no one can ever hack into their Macs. This is just a myth. Macs are prone to attacks as much as […]


100 HD iPhone Retina Wallpapers

iPhone 4 has the best display screen any mobile can offer. When iPhone 4 came out, there was a lot of buzz going around about the Retina display it had. Rightly so, Retina display offers […]

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Cool Keyboards – Dynamic LED Keyboard

Some of you might already know about the Optimus OLED Keyboard we have feature before in our cool keyboards post. Well, here is a cheaper sister of that very Keyboard. This Dynamic LED Keyboard is […]

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Take HDR Photos on iPhone

Ever wanted to take HDR photos on your iPhone? Now you can. All the HDR photography fans out there, rejoice. We will now be able to take HDR photos right off our iPhone with little […]

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Sony Unwired – New Walkman from Sony

Sony has unveiled a yet another music player under their Walkman series of products. This new MP3 player, called the Sony unwired, is something we have never seen before. It is a stylish, trendy and […]

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9 Amazing Facts About Bill Gates

I just received an email from an unknown sender and it is too good to miss. I had to share it with you guys. It states some facts regarding Bill Gates, the Richest person on […]


15 Best LEGO Creations

LEGO is something people just love to play with. No matter if you are a kid, an adult or an old person, if you are able to see, you will love LEGO. These small bricks […]

iphone apps
iOS Applications

10 Cool and Must have iPhone Apps

The iPhone is the King of Cool, the Sheikh of Chic, the Madonna of must have gadgets at the moment, and for those who want a superior mobile experience this is largely because of the […]

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25 Eco Friendly Products for Green People

If all of us begin to use these Eco-friendly gadgets in our daily lives, we would be able to cut a lot of electric energy wastage and reduce pollution. According to the United Nations Environment […]

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