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Fantastic Games for Apple Mac OS X

If you have a computer that is based on the Mac OSX, then I bet you already know that finding cool games on it to play is rather difficult. But you don’t have to worry […]

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The Halo Lego Set

When it comes to Halo, it is one of the most famous games in the world and in order to make it same more resounding, the guys from Lego have decide to also make a […]


120+ Halloween Emoticons for Download

Halloween is coming. Have you pimped up your computer with the latest halloween wallpapers? Halloween is less than a fortnight away and people are already getting busy with making costumes and arranging parties. We love […]

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50 Exquisite Halloween Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Halloween is here again. It is that part of the year when everything is orange, pumpkins are everywhere, everyone’s buying costumes and all are arranging the costume parties. Children are guising for the ‘trick 0r […]

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Mac OS X

7 Must-Have Security Apps for Mac

Mac users are always under the impression that their systems are secure and that no one can ever hack into their Macs. This is just a myth. Macs are prone to attacks as much as […]


100 HD iPhone Retina Wallpapers

iPhone 4 has the best display screen any mobile can offer. When iPhone 4 came out, there was a lot of buzz going around about the Retina display it had. Rightly so, Retina display offers […]

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Cool Keyboards – Dynamic LED Keyboard

Some of you might already know about the Optimus OLED Keyboard we have feature before in our cool keyboards post. Well, here is a cheaper sister of that very Keyboard. This Dynamic LED Keyboard is […]

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