Panasonic Unveil The Deodorizing Clothes Hanger

Picture the scene: you’ve returned home after a delightful dining experience with friends. Naturally, you’ve been sporting your finest clothes, but they seem to have picked up that unpleasant restaurant smell that seems to take forever to shift. You could head to the dry cleaners, but that’s a costly and time-consuming task (#FirstWorldProblems). Well, Panasonic has come up with a solution to this age-old dilemma.

Better known for their production of televisions and cameras, Panasonic has branched out into the fashion world with their new wardrobe must-have. It’s titled the ‘deodorizing hanger’, and this latest invention from the Japanese technology giant claims to be able to annihilate unwanted scents from clothing, therefore saving on the inevitable wear-and-tear that comes as a result of washing. As an added bonus, the hanger will also rid any garment of pollen traces, too.

Using technology previously tested in Japanese pet shops in 2012, Panasonic has designed the hanger to release nano-sized negatively charged particles; this is known as ‘NanoE’ technology and is the latest weapon in the fight for cleaner air. The process involves each particle gathering moisture from the air to rid the hanging item of any smell that has weaved its way into the fabric.

This might seem like a handy creation, but there are a number of drawbacks. Firstly, the hanger requires a power source and specialized cable in order to operate. This might not be too much of an issue, but the fact that the whole process takes between five and seven hours, deodorizing a number of clothes on a regular basis could see your electricity bill soar.

Another negative is the price. Rumored to be hitting the shelves for an eye-watering 20,000 yen ($179), these latest gadgets are a little more costly than the average hanger that you might pick up from IKEA. Obviously, the average tech fan isn’t going to be able to fill their wardrobe with these pricey musk eradicators, but be prepared to the see them in high-end hotels in the not so distant future.

Panasonic will reportedly fully unveil their new hanger in September this year, but the creation will only be available in Japan. It remains unclear as to whether or not it will exclusive to the Asian nation or if it will be rolled out around the globe, but in the meantime, the rest of us will just have to rely on a handy spray of Febreeze from time to time.

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