Pictek Gaming Mouse Review

The Pictek mouse is available on Amazon and is probably one of, if not the best-looking wireless mouse for under $20. But how does it stack up compared to its more expensive counterparts, and how well does it function for gaming?Pictek Gaming Mouse RedThis mouse is eye-catching because of its light-up features, sleek design, and extremely low price tag! It’s rare to find a mouse that has all of these things because usually, you can only get two benefits from performance, design, and price but, on the face of it, this does it all.

Using the Mouse

New Pictek Gaming MouseI have been using this mouse on and off for the past six months because I’ve been trying out different mice to see which I like the most. The set up was as simple as setting up any other wireless mouse; all you do is stick the USB connector into one of the ports, then let it install the software and you’re ready. The connector also has its own little storage port on the underside of the mouse.

The buttons on the mouse actually feel pretty good. You usually expect less-expensive mice to feel cheap, but you don’t get that at all with the Pictek. The feedback on the clicks is surprisingly smooth and natural, and this stems from the fact that all of the pieces fit together pretty seamlessly. With other budget mice, the tolerances are a lot bigger and so the pieces seem to be able to move around disconcertingly in your hand.

About two months into using this mouse, however, I did experience some issues with onscreen cursor lag. There didn’t seem to be any physical issue with the mouse or my CmhOO mouse pad, and I had tried multiple batteries. For just over a week I tried to roll with it and see if it got better or worse. Then, miraculously, it seemed to fix itself and has been working without a hitch ever since. I don’t know if this was due to some dust inside the mouse or just by pure fluke.

This is the kind of hitch I think you can live with when you are only paying $15 for the mouse. Sure, it’s not ideal, but as far as I can see it has been the only physical issue with the device.

Pictek Mouse Features

Pictek Mouse For GamingYou can set the mouse to function fully with or without the lights and, for those that like to keep their wireless mouse on all the time like me, there is the light-free power-saving option, which is definitely helpful.

There is also the option to program the buttons on the top of the mouse. There are no instructions for this in the box, you are simply told that you must go online to find them. Once you do this, it is a case of the all-too-common, hard-to-read, translated instructions. The programming options are also severely limited and, basically, it is not worth doing. If you want a programmable mouse, then you’re best off spending a bit more and buy one that makes its versatility its main selling point.

The buttons on the top of the mouse are originally set to control the speed of the on-screen movement. As this is a gaming mouse, the native movement speed is pretty fast. In fact, it is too fast for general computer use. However, the buttons are easy to use and responsive, making the adjustment in speed and the flip from general use to gaming mode pretty seamless.

How Good Is It for Gaming?

If you are a hardcore gamer, chances are you aren’t going to go wireless at all due to the risk of the signal dropping out and the inevitable lag. However, if you’re a more casual player and are looking for a budget gaming mouse, then it’s actually pretty hard to fault the Pictek. Apart from the slight lag issues I experienced for a week or so, the performance has been very good, and the buttons are easy to use, offering just enough feedback for fast gaming without being too noisy.

How Much Does It Cost?
Pictek Mouse Light Features

The Pictek is right at the bottom end of the price spectrum for gaming mice and for wireless mice in general. With the Pictek coming in at just $15.99, you’re not going to find another mouse that is anywhere near as good looking and as decent in terms of quality as this.

The TeckNet Classic, which is one of the best-selling mice on Amazon, only costs $9.49 but, having used both, it has got nothing on the Pictek. It is small, clumsy and not nearly as good looking or versatile. At the end of the day, if you are looking for value and like the design then look no further than the Pictek.


The Pictek gaming mouse is one of the best low-priced mice you can get. Is it without fault? Of course not. There were some minor lag issues for a little bit, and the programming features are all but useless. However, for a versatile mouse that can switch between being an effective gaming mouse and a reliable everyday mouse, it’s highly recommended.

If the price of $10-$20 is where you are looking, and you like the design, then you can count on this mouse. Plus, it looks every bit as cool in person as it does in the pictures!

Visit the Pictek Gaming Mouse page to purchase this on Amazon.

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