Snapchat Release Snap Map To Stay Ahead Of Competition

For those who hadn’t noticed already, Snapchat is taking the world by storm with its range of funky filters and a seemingly never-ending array of services. Well, now the multimedia messaging giant is set to wow users once again with its new feature, Snap Map.

What is this new feature?

Snap Map is being marketed as an opportunity for Snapchat’s 158 million users to explore the wider world with just a tap of their smartphone. The feature allows friends to share their location and explore one another’s local area from within the confines of the app. Using Actionmojis, Snap Map also highlights popular events in a friend’s vicinity with the aid of heat maps; these indicate where groups of other users are gathered.

This feature is the app’s latest attempt stay ahead of the competition, with the likes of Facebook snapping at the company’s heels in terms of the services being offered. Snapchat commands a vast following and is still extremely popular, even six years on from its inception, with around 2.8 billion Snaps being sent on a daily basis. However, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate and the attention of youngsters increasingly hard to retain, the app needs to remain as hip and happening as possible in order to succeed. It remains unclear as to whether this latest feature will be a success or another unmitigated disaster, much like when the organization suggested that users pay for special filters back in 2015.

Snapchat has already been very busy this year, following the release of its Snap Spectacles, and has wasted no time in rolling out Snap Map to its eager audience – thanks to the company’s acquisition of French-based mapping app Zenley for $250 million – with the latest app update for iOS and Android housing the brand new component. Of course, users who are not comfortable with sharing their location can always enter Ghost Mode to avoid their whereabouts becoming public knowledge.

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