Snuggle up with a Fireplace Full of Burning Galaxy Note 7s this Christmas


Samsung has had a tough year, what with its flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 7, being recalled and then discontinued entirely. But at least those spontaneously combusting phones will help keep us warm this Christmas…

The idea of unwinding in front of a video of a log fire seems kind of pointless on paper. But, much like those sleep-maker white noise apps whose digital recordings help us drift off at night, virtual fireplace videos are strangely comforting, and have become incredibly popular on video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Besides, when combined with a glass of good port or brandy at Christmas, you’d swear that sitting in front of a screen showing burning logs actually makes you feel warmer (though that may have more to do with the former item than the latter).

But the virtual fireplace you’re about to see will probably only warm you up if you’re a true, dyed-in-the-wool Apple fan. Instead of logs burning in the hearth, it’s discarded Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that are going up in flames in a sad but fitting end for Samsung’s phone, which the company was forced to recall and, according to analysts at Credit Suisse, will result in losses of more US$17 billion.

Hopefully Samsung will see the funny side of this video, and in 2017 the company won’t be the butt of quite so many fire-related jokes. Merry Christmas, everyone. May all your tech gifts be of the non-exploding variety!

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