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Playstation 4

On the same day as Apple announced their new iPhone 7 model, Sony announced the release of their eagerly anticipated Playstation 4 Pro model. The Pro offers the same basic concept as the PS4, but it has had a total makeover internally, and some minor aesthetic improvements.

As well as the pro, Sony have trimmed down the original PS4 device, and will now be sold as the Playstation 4 Slim.

These new devices have been released by Sony not as a new model, but as a natural update for the PS4 to keep it current and powerful in an ever improving market. Historically Sony have released a new Playstation model every 4 years, with an improved or slim model splitting that gap, and that’s exactly what this release is; a stop gap for those that are in need of a bit more power.

Release date: 10 November 2016

Pro Price: $399, £349
Slim Price: $299, £259

The power of the new model of Playstation is clearly the biggest improvement, as it now boasts an increased GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which now means the Pro is capable of supporting 4K. This is the big news, Microsoft’s have already announced the Xbox One S which supports 4K games, so it is vital that Sony provide that same quality so as not to fall behind.

The surprise is that while supporting 4K games, the Playstation does not support 4K blu ray. Although it will support 4K Netflix and Youtube as well as other streaming services, it won’t be able to read 4K disks, unlike the Xbox model. The Xbox by comparison does play 4K blu-ray, but doesn’t support 4k games, that is where Playstation is now leading the market.

The key point for the average user however, is that you do not have to have a 4k capable screen to use the Pro, it will play to the output of your screen, so you can still capitalise on the increased size and speed even if you don’t yet have a 4k screen.

Key Info

  • CPU: x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 Cores
  • GPU: 4.20 Teraflops, AMD Radeon graphics engine
  • Memory: 1TB
  • Dimensions: 295 x 55 x327mm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 3.3kg

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