Sony’s Project Field – Bringing Card Games Firmly Into the 21st Century

Sony has just announced its latest endeavour, and it’s called Project Field. Project Field is a new platform that will allow people to play card games in a whole new way. The pad is a new design by Sony that features an array of different sensors and lights that combine to read most cards, whether they have an IC (integrated circuit) chip in them or not.


Years ago, Microsoft revolutionised gaming by creating a marketplace on which indie developers could launch their titles, and that lead to the large-scale releases of the likes of Braid, the highest-rated game ever at the time of its release. Sony, with Project Field, clearly hopes to revolutionise the card game sector and create a marketplace in which designers can combine the time-tested appeal of card games with the more recent wave of electronic devices.


Although some platforms like this do already exist, mostly in Japan, Sony hopes to bring the technology to the rest of the world in a new way that will capture the imaginations of everyone. The difference with this product is its ability to sync with smartphones and tablets. This will make the appeal much more widespread, and will hopefully revive the card games industry, dragging it into a more technological age.

This leap may well mean that, in the not-too-distant future, we will see this kind of technology integrated into tablets themselves. Then the rise of augmented reality will bring to fruition the kinds of games the players of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon dreamed of when playing through the 90s, where one’s placement of a card can bring to life their move.

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