Hot Stuff — Starbucks is Now Selling Ember Temperature-Adjustable Mugs in the US


If you’ve ever become so engrossed in your laptop or smartphone screen while sitting in your local Starbucks, you’ll know all too well that those flimsy paper cups don’t keep your coffee hot for long. But there is another way — and it’s perfect for tech lovers.

Back in 2015, a little-known company going by the name of Ember Technologies launched an Indiegogo campaign to find backers for its temperature-adjustable travel mug, which is designed to keep hot drinks at the perfect temperature for sipping.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the Ember Mug for a gentlemen’s love-aid if you spotted it on a nightstand, but its sleek, black exterior hides some pretty nifty technology, and the product instantly caught would-be backers’ eyes.


Featuring a hidden temperature display and a twistable base that acts as a dial, the Ember Mug is charged via a discreet “charging coaster”. After that, it’s ready to go, keeping your drinks at the optimum temperature, rather than searing hot or lukewarm, for up two two hours (or all day if you have your magical Ember coaster on your desk at work). There’s even a companion smartphone app for those who like to keep a remote eye on their coffee mug’s temperature.

Here’s a deliciously over-the-top ad for the product:

Unsurprisingly, Ember’s Mug was a big hit on the crowdfunding scene, and more than 4,000 units have reportedly been sold since the product’s launch a couple of months ago. What did come as a surprise is that none other than global coffee chain Starbucks has announced that it will now stock the devices for sale in a number of its outlets in the US, meaning that the chances of seeing someone on the street or subway with one of these cool hot cylinders have just skyrocketed.

Retailing at $150, the travel mugs are far from cheap, and they won’t be able to hold Starbucks’ larger drinks sizes due to the mug’s smaller (12 fluid ounces/135ml) volume, but for coffee purists and tech lovers especially, they’ll be hard to resist, and you can bet your beans that they’ll end up in more than a few coffee quaffers’ stockings this Christmas.

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