Top 7 Games from E3 2017

Though E3 is an expo for all thing electronic, more often than not the most exciting news to be announced is about the games the big developers are bringing out in the following year. This year was no different. There are numerous big developers expanding on their hallmark series. Here are the 7 best from 2017.

Call of duty WWII

The announcement that the world’s biggest first person shooter game Call of Duty would be returning to WWII is not new. The news, which came as a relief to a lot of long term fans of the series was made official earlier in the year.

However, what did come out of E3 in 2017 was the new multiplayer trailer for the game. In this we can see a few different highlights. It’s clear that the focus will be on the short range combat on which COD built its legacy. This game will be inextricably compared with Battlefield 1 which came out last year, but who’s focus was on longer range more stealthy combat.

We now know that the game will of course feature the fan favourite team Deathmatch, and domination. What it will also include is a new mode called “War”. This new addition will see a narrative to the multiplayer game, with an attacking and defending team. The attacking team will have 4 objectives they need to complete, and the defending team will have to stop them. These objectives can be things like building bridges or escorting tanks.

Call of Duty WWII will be released on November 3rd 2017, and can be bought here

Super Mario Odyssey

We now know that the next Mario instalment will be fully 3D, and be based all around the world. there will of course be the familiar faces from the long running Mario franchise, but they will appear In a range of different levels.

Mario Odyssey seems to be a mixture of the ever popular Mario games, and games like Spyro which have limited scope levels but require you to move around in a 3D world to solve puzzles and objectives.

What is also new is that the latest Mario instalment will only be available on Nintendo Switch. So users of the Wii will need to upgrade if they want to continue playing the series.

Super Mario Odyssey is released on October 27th 2017 and can be bought here

God of war

The news of a new God of War game is by no means new. In fact we saw a trailer for it last year at E3 2016. However, we have now got a lot more information, and even a rough release window (early 2018). We also know where the game is going to be set and who the characters are. This game was the centre piece of the Sony announcements this year. While Microsoft announced a new Xbox console, Sony focused on their PS4 exclusive game series, and pushed it hard.

The latest instalment will be called God of War – Be a Warrior. It will be set not in ancient Greece as we have seen before, but seems to be in a Scandinavian or Viking setting. The premise of the game is that you once again will control Kratos (who has aged significantly since we last saw him) and you will be teaching his son in the ways of war.

Interestingly gory games with a lust for mindless violence don’t tend to sell as well in Europe and outside of North America in general. It’s for this reason that Jim Ryan of Sony has said that they introduced Kratos’ son “Atreus”, in order to give a stronger story to the game, and give Kratos some compassion and meaning to his violence.

God of War – Be a Warrior will be released in early 2018 and can be bought here

Far Cry 5

E3 brought us a lot of news for the latest far cry, and wet the taste buds for the long-time fans. The last time we saw far cry it was in Far Cry Primal, which was set in the Stone Age. This was released in February of 2016, so with Far Cry 5 coming out in February of 2018, it will have been a 2 year wait. This is because Ubisoft, the makers of far cry have been working on an entirely new gaming engine for the game.

This is the first time that far cry will be based in the USA. Previous instalments have been based on tropical islands, Africa, and the Himalaya’s. it is rare that a far cry game broadcasts so obviously where it is set, usually tending to make up country names. However, this is unmistakably based in the USA.

The premise is that you are the usual maverick hero, trying to bring down a large organisation, in this case a religious cult. The game appears to draw aspects from its sister series’ Assassins Creed, and Ghost recon, as it brings in aspects from both. Aspects including having teammates with you at all time a la Ghost Recon, and using animals to spot for you like in Far Cry Primal, and Assassins Creed Origin.

Far Cry 5 will be released in February 2018 and can be bought here

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

The biggest PC game news comes In the form of a remastering and improvement on the Age of Empires game. This is not your average remastering however. Microsoft and the original makers of the game Forgotten Empires have taken to improving a range of different aspects to the game.

Generally remastering a game means adding a better set of graphics, but leaving the structure of the game and pretty much everything else exactly as it was. This has its merits and worked for Assassins Creed the Ezio Collection which came out last year. However, this classic is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and as such the actual gameplay of the game needed to be addressed.

The game will receive not only the much needed graphics upgrade, but will also allow the characters to move in 32 directions as opposed to the 4 available in the original. It will also allow the user to zoom right out, and control more of the game at once. Whats more is that the well known and loved sound track has been kept the same, but completely remastered to modern standards.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition will be released later this year

Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars Battle front

Both Assassin’s creed and Star Wars Battlefront are also getting new instalments, and you can read all about them here, as we already covered them in a half way report of the E3 news!

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