Underwear That Will Protect Your Manhood From Radiation

This one is for the guys… or the ladies interested in their guys’ protection, underwear that protects you from the radiation emitted by your cell phone and Wi-Fi transmitter. This is something that men don’t often think about, but definitely should. Because mobile phones have only been around in their current form for a relatively short time, there are no long term health statistics about the dangers of mobile and Wi-Fi radiation. This means that we are all living a bit of a risk with our phones as we don’t have all the information yet. However, Spartan underwear aims to change this, at least for men and their most sacred of areas.

The added danger of cell phones is that we keep them in our pockets, right next to the intimate areas, and can leave them there to send and receive signals for hours at a time. The nature of these signals is that they are able to pass through solid objects, including our body parts. Often, the effect of these waves is so small it doesn’t even factor, but over many years the repercussions can steadily build. Though there is little evidence supporting the idea that these signals can affect our tissue cells, there is significant evidence that repeat exposure to cell phone and Wi-Fi signals can be detrimental to a mans’s sperm count.

This is a big issue for men, and one that most people should be aware of. Spartan aims to eliminate this problem by introducing underwear that blocks 99% of all cell phone and Wi-Fi signals from passing through, whilst also providing comfort. They have done this by weaving silver strands into the regular fabric. This creates a layer between your manhood and your phone which will eradicate any risk from those nasty invisible waves.

In order to make their underwear multi-purpose (because, let’s be honest, metal boxers don’t sound particularly comfortable), Spartan have used the same fabric makeup that is in space suits. Originally designed to keep astronauts safe from cosmic radiation, while remaining as manoeuvrable as possible, the underwear is both protective and as comfortable as regular boxer briefs. What’s more, the silver lining possesses antibacterial qualities, making them much cleaner than regular boxers.

Though the same risks do apply for women, the effects are drastically reduced due to the body blocking most external signals, as well as eggs being a far more stable and enduring cell than sperm. However, it is worth all humans – whether male or female – thinking about the long term effects of cell phone use and how best you can limit the amount of signals your body is subject to. Ideas such as keeping your phone on your desk or a table instead of a pocket, or having your phone well away from you (or on airplane mode) when sleeping.

We all now live with our phones, so let’s make sure we excercise caution. And men, the Spartan underwear is a great step in the right direction. They are available now on Kickstarter or directly from their store here.

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