“Seamless” Smartphone and Laptop Webcam Cover Smashes Kickstarter Goal

IS|CC webcam cover on iPad and iPhone

How much is your privacy worth? For backers of Intelligent Security’s ultra-slim webcam cover for computers and mobile devices, it’s worth more than seven times its Kickstarter goal.

You may have read before about the risks of leaving your webcam uncovered. While having a camera on the front and/or back of your web-connected devices has become not just the norm but an expected requirement of any smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, positioning yourself squarely in front of a lens every time you go online isn’t necessarily a good idea. True, if a hacker were to gain control of your computer, them being able to release images of your bored face as you scroll through endless posts about your friends’ children should be the least of your concerns. But someone accessing your webcam without your knowledge — and potentially watching you and your family for hours, days, or weeks on end — is perhaps the most unsettling aspect of being hacked.

Kickstarter Success

Rather than resorting to covering your webcam with a piece of tape or some other unsightly material that would ruin the look of your expensive hardware, then you might want to join the 7,000+ people online who have shown their support for an upcoming webcam privacy cover called IS|CC over on Kickstarter.

Sleek and lightweight, IS|CC is a far cry from some of the products already on the market. And, at just 0.7mm thick, it’s even thinner than a credit card, meaning that the cover won’t noticeably protrude from your device and ruin its profile.

Like others before it, the covers can be attached to a computer or mobile device simply by peeling them from their plastic sheet and, after making sure that the cover completely obscures your device’s lens when closed, pressing them onto it.

IS|CC webcam cover on plastic sheets

The round cover section itself is magnetic, so it can be removed from the outer frame for cleaning and to prevent a build-up of dust or pocket lint. Better still, unlike homemade solutions, the cover never actually makes contact with the lens, meaning that it stays much cleaner for when you do actually want to use your camera to take photos or make a video-call.

Style Over Duct Tape

Although it could be argued that the cover doesn’t look entirely at home on a smaller smartphones or those with plastic casing, when placed on a similarly coloured MacBook or iMac, the IS|CC looks quite cool. So cool, in fact, that those less familiar with said models could well be fooled into thinking that the cover comes as standard — which could well be the case in the coming year as people become more aware of the dangers of leaving their cameras open.

IS|CC webcam cover on iPad and iPhone

Covers affixed to an iPad and iPhone 

IS|CC webcam cover on iMac

Looking completely at home on an iMac

IS|CC webcam cover on MacBook Pro

And equally good on a MacBook Pro

With 46 days still to go, the IS|CC has received a massive 50,000 Swiss Francs in backing — more than seven times its initial goal of 7,500. Clearly there are an awful lot of people who are in the market for something that, as well as giving them that extra peace of mind, will look as good as their existing hardware.

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