What is EDC? Everyday Carry Explained

What is EDC? Well, first and foremost, it stands for Everyday Carry. The basic principle is that it refers to whatever you keep on your person whenever you leave the house. However, in reality, the “everyday” part is open to interpretation.

People generally understand it as being items that you keep, or like to keep on you, whether they are for practical reasons or you just enjoy being near them. For example, most people would have a phone on them at all times, but others may also keep a multi-tool or fidget toy as well.

A vibrant EDC community has grown online, with participants showing off their items to others around the world, and the culture of this movement is less about the base products you carry and more about having a unique and more interesting set of items than the usual phone/wallet/keys. Technically, everyone has an EDC (unless you leave the house with absolutely nothing), but generally, those that choose to display theirs have plenty of little trinkets to boot.


EDC Items

So, what makes an interesting EDC? Things start to get interesting when you go beyond the regular items that most people take around with them, so what are some of the options for your EDC? Here’s one set as an example.

Wallet and Keys

Secrid Wallet

Wallets are the staple of an EDC. For those who like things to be compact and easily accessible, products such as the Secrid RFID blocking wallet have become incredibly popular in the past few years. This is also partly because they prevent thieves stealing your money with portable contactless devices, and interest in them has grown exponentially, with new variations popping up on Kickstarter almost weekly. Wallets like these can be a great way to save space in your pocket, and leave more room for those other gadgets. Secrid has just expanded to America and their items can now be purchased on Amazon.


There are a few different ways to save space in your pockets when it comes to keys, but KeySmart is a market leader, allowing users to add up to 100 keys into a device that keeps them neat and safe. The only issue is that it only takes flat keys, so is no good for bulky car keys and the like. Alternatively, you could go for a thick clip, called a carabiner, or a different kind of cool keychain, but you will need to adjust most solutions to accommodate bulkier items. KeySmarts are also available on Amazon.

Multi-Tool and Pen

Victorinox Black Ice Multi-Tool

This is one of the most common EDC additions, and many Americans, especially, carry some form of elaborate knife. In other countries with more strict weapon-carrying rules, this can prove difficult. However, a multi-tool is a must have for those in most manual jobs or who just love to tinker. While this particular multi-tool is harder to find, there are other multi-tools available.

Tactical Pen

A pen is paramount for those who constantly feel the need to jot down their thoughts, and can often be paired with a Field Notes memo book, or similar. In the world of EDC, it is not uncommon to see a far more extravagant pen than just your desktop biro, and so-called tactical pens have become a popular choice as they can come with additions such as a flashlight or a window breaker, and can be found easily on Amazon.

Spinning Things


Fidget spinners have become a huge trend in 2017, but high-end spinners have been around for a while now and manufacturers have been creating some amazing works of spinning art. However, a cheaper budget fidget spinner can work equally well, just with a little less style. Something to fidget with, such as a coin or fidget cube is a great way to relieve stress or anxiety for a lot of people, and so carrying one around is a must.

Billetspin K2

Working on the same principles as a fidget spinner, a spinning top is a nice little distraction. You do need a table or surface to spin a top on, but they’re a great toy to use absent-mindedly at work. There are many precision spinning tops on the market, and this is a Billetspin K2, but you can find cheaper spinning tops elsewhere. The downside to carrying around a spinning top is that they can be a bit awkward in your pocket.

Other Popular EDC Items


A lot of budding photographers or Instagram users keep a camera on them at all times and, whilst cameras on phones are coming along leaps and bounds, having the latest SLR, or even point and shoot camera, gives the opportunity for lovely balanced photos, and you don’t want to miss the perfect shot.


A flashlight is also a popular choice, especially with those who live in a poorly-lit area or who often travel at night. Flashlights are now created to produce extreme levels of brightness and come in a range of cool designs, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice.edc field notes


Obviously paired with a pen, a good notepad is a key item for many, although digital natives now tend to prefer to write notes on their phone. For those who still put down their thoughts in ink, a good notepad like this Field Notes is a must have.


A very common piece for male everyday carriers, there is huge scope when it comes to choosing watches, but the rise of smartwatches like the Samsung Gear S3 has brought a whole new element to the EDC game.


Whether your EDC consists of a multitude of cool and unique gadgets or is just a couple of regular items, it all counts. Make sure you take a cool flat lay picture of your items arranged in a geometric fashion (also known as knolling) and tweet it to us @geeknaut.

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