15 Custom Computer Cases You Will Love


Who doesn’t like custom computer cases. Nerds and professionals all like to customize their workstations (or gaming rigs) to make their quality of life better and make everyone else jealous. Some people prefer to customize computer cases just for the fun of it. It adds that bit of uniqueness to their computers. However, having a custom computer case doesn’t always mean it is the best one around. Some will always be better than others.

This decade has been a decade of revolution with a major shift of every job towards the beast machines known as computers. Computers have drastically changed the way people work, communicate, play or even live. Soon, there will be a day when the word “computer” will be obsolete due to it’s exponential advancement which is backed by strong research stating ‘The technology we have at present doubles only in 18 months.’

Regardless of this tremendous aggrandizement of technology the basic desires remain aboriginal. Humans from the days when specialization began to present, have always wanted the workplaces to look customized, pleasing and creative. All humans are bound to this necessity and in fact multimillion companies like Google and Pixar deliberately create funny and creative workplaces with custom computers cases to increase the work output of their employees and to keep them motivated.

So, in this post, we have collected 30 best custom computer cases to inspire you towards making your own or simply buying one. Please note that these custom computer cases are just a whiff of what is to come here on aleptu. We will be showcasing more computer cases and you should subscribe in order to not miss our next installment of best computer cases you are ever going to see.

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1. MDPC-40 Custom Computer Cases

Most of the times there is an evolution, but sometimes there is a revolution. When you see a new form of design and it makes you feel as if you know it for a lifetime then you see a milestone of design like this monster of a custom computer case or Million Dollar PC, as some would call it – though that is a misnomer.

2. WMD Custome Computer Cases by G-Gnome

This custom PC case by G-gnome has been reinforced with stainless steel to look like a sort-of atomic bomb one sees in movies or TV shows. (More Information)

3. Lian Li PC-A01 Custom Case

This Custom computer is brought to you by Million Dollar PC designed by Tremelois and made in Germany. To see more images of this custom computer case in high resolution click here.

4. Phenom Custom Computer Case

This case is a masterpiece from the hands of Bill Owen created in USA. The model is also known as Phenom. It needs a bit more space to accommodate all fancy doors, but this custom PC case mod is worth it. (More Images)

5.  Lian Li V350B

Lian Li is among the most renowned custom computer case builders and make some awesome computer towers. V350B is no different. It is an awesome custom cases deigned by Thomas F. aka Tremeloes and was made in Germany in 2008.

6. Sangaku Japanese Case Mod

This case was inspired from Japanese Lamps and Shoji screens and was made by Nick Falzone, a student of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo CA. The Architect has proficiently used his skills to turn a PC into impeccable piece of furniture. This case in no crazy or Disney land, it is just a pleasant custom computer case with great aesthetic appeal to fit the name it has been given: “Sangaku” which in Japanese means Unique.(read on)

7. Batmobile PC Case Mod

The computer is originally a AMD Sempron 2800+, 40 gig HD, 736 megs of DDR400 ram customized with 7 LED’s which show hard drive activity and aluminum reinforced Bat-mobile chassis. Overall, the custom case looks superb and has a cool ejecting DVD tray.(link)

8. Wall E Computer Case Mods

This is a Custom cute case inspired from the the Pixar’s Wall E. The computer case is made with the help of 3 obsolete DVD ROM drives, a toy binocular and a toy bulldozer. The Binocular Eyes of this case has a peculiar touch of reality to it which makes this cases an exception.(link)

9. CPU Custom Computer Cases

This ironical custom PC case brought to you by Faceless10 and it took him pretty much time and effort to finish up this design. This case is impeccable and looks more like an achievement trophy.(Link)

10. Open It Up Computer Case

This is a brilliant custom case which dares you to open it up, which by the way, is quite good sarcasm. It is not wrapped up in any glass or plastic, but is open to see and touch with each part attached intricately and passionately.

11. EA Stadium Custom PC Mod

System specification of this case are a CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+; ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Mainboard; GeForce 7900 GT Graphics; Corsair 1GB Value Select RAM; a Seagate Barracuda 250GB Hard drive; and an Origen X15e HTPC with touchscreen. Designed by Olly/Butterkneter this EA stadium with silver base and football pitch top is a classic example of Job well done. (Link)

12. nVidia SLI Custom Computer Case

This custom case uses 18” wheel of Porsche Cayenne as a shell and an attached acrylic disc brake strip-sponsor nVidia. nVidia makes some of the best graphics cards for best gaming desktops and this case isn’t an exception. This computer case was made as a promotion for their range of graphics cards. Link

13. Transformers PC mod

This Project was designed by John Magnus and was picked u as Rig of the month by SLI. The case is inspired from the cartoon and recent movie Transformers character Optimus Prime. The case is almost 6′ 11″ in transport mode and transforms into a desktop mode. (Link)

14. Retro Zenith Custom Computer Case

This magnificent case was designed by Modder Alvin Barber who has used old 1951 Zenith H664 Cobra-Matic phonograph,  and filled it up with guts of a powerful gaming computer. (Link)

15. Custom Desk Computer Case

The Custom case is designed by Mark which holds a giant PC underneath it, with Intel Q9650 CPU, EVGA 780i FTW Motherboard 2x BFG GTX 280 H2OC, 4x 2GB Corsair XMS PRO DDR2 6400 Memory, and  3 separate loops each with its own Danger Den pump and Radiator.

1 loop for the motherboard, 1 loop for the CPU, and 1 loop for the graphics cards. Danger Den full coverage blocks for the graphics cards. The rest of the blocks are all EK.

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