100 HD iPhone Retina Wallpapers


iPhone 4 has the best display screen any mobile can offer. When iPhone 4 came out, there was a lot of buzz going around about the Retina display it had. Rightly so, Retina display offers the best combination of resolution, colors and size. We can safely say, iPhone 4’s retina display has changed the way we read text on mobile, forever.

The resolution of iPhone 4’s display is 640×960. So, the wallpapers made for the previous versions of iPhone won’t look good on it. We have looked and looked, and we have found these stunning wallpapers for iPhone 4. These iPhone 4 wallpapers are going to rock your iPhone. Click on any wallpaper to view it in full-size, or Right Click and “Save Target as” to save. If you are viewing this on an iPhone, don’t long-press to save the image. Instead, open the target image and then save it.

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Colorful Nebula Wallpaper

Cityscape Photo

Universe Wallpaper


Pixars Brave Movie Wallpaper

Retina Sunset Wallpaper

Snapping Chess

A Colorful Cheers

Amazon Mascot

Green Leaf

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Apple Logo Camouflage

iPhone 4 Crocodile Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Retina Wallpaper

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Andrew Garfield in Spider Man 4

Miley Cyrus iPhone Wallpaper

Orange Drops

Android Ghost

Angry Birds Retina Wallpaper

Porsche Cayman S Retina Wallpaper for iPhone 4s

Master Yoda on iPhone 4

Vanessa Hudgens in Mysterious Island – Retina Wallpaper

Arizona Waterfalls

SuperMan Logo on Wood

Anjelina Jolie Retina Wallpaper

Tintin Adventures Retina Wallpaper

Apple Logo Retina Wallpaper

Assassins Creed

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

color stripes

colorful desktop

colorful eyelids

Crysis 3 wallpaper

Ghost Rider

cuboids wallpaper

Cute Autumn Baby Retina Wallpaper

Desert Scene wallpaper

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