Internet Explorer has Stopped Working? Quick Fix

After the Internet Explorer 9 was launched for official download, a lot of users complained about issues with the internet explorer 9. Most of the users experienced a totally weird issue. Whenever they tried to open their browser, a pop up box appeared with the following error message “Internet explorer has stopped working”. The window will then close the program and will notify you that a solution is available. Once you close or choose to look for the available answers, this error will guide you into a non-ending loop, without a chance of closing or ending it. No matter what you do (or even sometimes reinstalling the internet explorer may not work) the pop up will keep on displaying the same error message. Even if you use task manager, the pop up will not stop and will keep on displaying the same message, the only remedy is to restart windows.IE9 Stopped working

This is could be a nightmare. If this is what you have been experiencing then here are some solutions:

By Using System Tools

This issue can also be solved by another method.

By Using Software Rendering

Some of these issues can also be tracked by another method that is by using this network and sharing center tweak.

This tweak has been quite useful in solving these issues. This issue may crop up in the internet explorer either due to some software rendering issues or some incompatible addon interfering with the internet explorer, which is quite possible as the internet explorer is yet to solve compatibility issues with some of the addons. These techniques can be helpful in solving all these issues and thus making your browsing experience with IE9 more encouraging.

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