25 Kindle Covers to Protect your Amazon e-Reader

Albeit, there are a plethora of palm gadgets available in the market available with an array of features for premium and advanced productivity and entertainment operations, but these gadgets do not do justice with reading aficionados.

Amazon Kindle is the ultimate answer to these lags due to its unique and exclusive reading features that help a reading enthusiast to maximize the quality and quantity of reading. There are many versions of Kindle available now from Amazon but preferentially all of them have reading ease as their strongest forte.

After investing ample amount of money on this exquisite device, protecting it with a standard case comes to our mind naturally and there a plenty of Kindle covers available that equip your Kindle with protection and most of them even add a touch of personalization and uniqueness while you are at it.

In this post we have collected 25 Kindle Covers to Protect your Amazon e-Reader and add some functionality to it at the same time.

1. Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

A pleasant cover for Kindle that helps you to read on your Kindle without strain in the dark with the help of its unique light that uses your Kindle’s battery. The reading LED is suavely detachable and slides efficiently when not in use to become invisible. Externally, the cover is made from genuine stylish leather and internally the soft, grey, microfiber suede ensure safety of your Amazon e-Reader.

Price: $59.99 | Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

2. CE Compass Cover for Kindle 3 

This Kindle cover is made from synthetic leather, perfectly finished to give a unique look and protection. Also, has a magnetic flap closure for extra protection plus its unique design ensure safety against scratches, minor bumps all at a very low price.

Price: $2.02 | CE Compass Cover for Kindle 3 

3. Kindle Leather Cover

This Kindle cover is precisely cut to a provide access to keyboard and all the other ports on Kindle. It comes in six vibrant colors which is bound to spark a smile on your face every time you pull it out. Internally its soft, gray, microfiber suede protects your Kindle from scratches, bumps and dust.

Price: $24.99 | Kindle Leather Cover

4. Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle

If you want something more slashing and unique for your Kindle without compromising the protection aspect then this Kindle cover from Belkin is your best buy. The case is reasonable priced, has a magnetic closure, folio design, vibrant color and soft inner lining to equip your Kindle with best of both worlds.

Price: $24.99 | Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle

5. Marware jurni Kindle and Kindle Touch Case Cover

A unique perfect fit cover for Kindle from Marware with a zippered closure of maximum protection and speedy withdrawal. It is smartly designed and built in with interior hand strap for one handed reading plus the external zippered pocket makes room for mall personal items such as IDs, cash or credit cards.

Price: $24.99  | Marware jurni Kindle and Kindle Touch Case Cover

6. Belkin Pleated Kindle Sleeve

This compact and rugged cover equips your Kindle with appreciable protection against abrasions, scratches and shakes with its unique neoprene pleated design. Paradoxically, it has a large capacity but is slim enough to slip into another bag.

Price: $13.99 | Belkin Pleated Kindle Sleeve

7. CrazyOnDigital Slim Leather Kindle Cover

This folio design Kindle cover/case fits your Kindle touch precisely without hindering access to any Kindle feature. It also has a quality screen protector for end to end protection.

Price: $12.85 | CrazyOnDigital Slim Leather Kindle Cover

8. DODOcase for Kindle Keyboard

Award winning iPad case is now available for your Kindle to equip it with proficient compactness, protection and style of a book. It is hand made in San Francisco using traditional book bonding eco-friendly techniques. The cover provides multiple hand positions for easy reading .

Price: $49.95 | DODOcase for Kindle Keyboard

9. JAVOedge Charcoal Flip Style Amazon Kindle Case

Besides providing appreciable protection with features like magnetic closure, this case flips all the way back to be used as a Kick Stand to prop up for hands free reading. The non-leather material is animal friendly but does not to a slightest bit compromise the elegance aspect.

Price: $19.95 | JAVOedge Charcoal Flip Style Amazon Kindle Case

10. M-Edge Executive Kindle Jacket

This cover for Kindle adds an corporate look to your Kindle with its blue microfiber leather exterior and internally protects it from various abrasive elements its soft, grey microsuede lining. It is also compatible with M-Edge e-Luminator booklight which can be bought separately for strain free reading in dark and low light environments. It can also hold your device securely with its four-point mounting system.

Price: $37.07 | M-Edge Executive Kindle Jacket

11. OCTOVO Notebook Convertible Stand Case 

This convertible cover for Amazon Kindle folds over the front cover to keep it closed and also folds back on itself for one-handed reading or to be used as a comfortable three different angle reading stand.It also has a plastic clip that easily, securely and discreetly clips the four corners of the device, without impeding the device’s functionality.

Price: $24.49 | OCTOVO Notebook Convertible Stand Case 

12. Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve

A more stylish way to protect your Amazon e-reader, this cover from Timbuk2 is equipped with High density foam adn seem construction for better shock absorption. Internally, the cover offers a Scratch-resistant Trico lining to protect your device from scratches and at last the Velcro closure ensures end to end protection.

Price: $29.99 | Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve

13. DecalGirl Kindle Skins

DecalGirl have a wide array of adhesion based vinyl skins to offer for your Kindle. These skins come in various unique and vibrant color schemes to enhance your device’s style and cool factor. The skins are durable and easy to apply, remove and re-apply.

Price: $14.99 | DecalGirl Kindle Skins

14. CrazyOnDigital Skin case

This reasonably priced Kindle skin fits your device precisely to equip it with protection against scratches with its soft charcoal grey suede interior. Externally, it offers a soft and flexible design for a soft feel and easy slip on and off function with a strong grip.

Price: $9.96  | CrazyOnDigital Skin case

15. DURAGADGET Genuine Leather Cover

This cover fits your Kidle extremely well and all of the buttons and ports are accessible. It has two magnets in it, one to hold the case closed, the other to hold the stand against the cover so it doesn’t flop around when not in use. It is made using soft genuine leather that gives a  tactile and aesthetic appeal and protects your Kindle whilst the PU Leather intererior adds strength and durability to the case.

Price: $18.49  | DURAGADGET Genuine Leather Cover

16. Marware Eco-Vue Kindle Leather Folio

A perfect folio case/cover for your Kindle to equip it with considerable protection and corporate looks. The cover comes in plethora of colors and all of them are made from eco-leather externally and internally lined with micro-fiber for protection against scratches.

Price: $34.99 |  Marware Eco-Vue Kindle Leather Folio

17. M-Edge Platform

This cover provides an end to end protection using durable red microfiber leather exterior and soft, grey microsuede interior. The front flips over and the closure tab tucks in to serve as bookstand for upright, hands-free reading.

Price: $26.19 | M-Edge Platform

18. M-Edge New Yorker Kindle cover

This cover features the iconic The New Yorker on your device’s back and is ultra slim, light weight and protective. The cover has a smooth, printed fabric to protect your device externally and  internally has a micro-suede lining for protection against scratches and dust.

Price: $19.99 |  M-Edge New Yorker Kindle cover

19. Oberon Design leather cover

The Oberon combines art and expertise to make their unique cases which embroidered with exclusive patters and designs. The cover beside provide exquisite looks to your Kindle does not lag behind in protection front.

Price: $69| Oberon Design leather cover

20. Octovo Tirim

The Octovo Tirim has a clear plastic cover that goes over your Kindle screen and makes it splashproof. The case is cheap, easy to install, stylish and protects your Kindle against sand, dust and dirt and other minor abrasion elements.

Price: $9.99 |  Octovo Tirim

21. BUILT Kindle Neoprene Sleeve Cover

This Kindle case is made from Neoprene and printed with Scattered dots externally and internally a the scuba blue lining provides an end to end protection.

Price: $24.99 | BUILT Kindle Neoprene Sleeve Cover

22. Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

The Leather case from Amazon is slim, sleek, lightweight and protects your Kindle without adding bulk. The flip cover folds all the back to move out of sight and to make one handed reading possible.

Price: $39.99 | Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

23. Verso Artist Series Case Cover for Kindle Fire

This Kindle case combines the art and expertise and features artist Sharyn Sowell’s artwork. The cover is proficiently made to precisely fit your Kindle without adding extra bulk.

Price: $39.99 | Verso Artist Series Case Cover for Kindle Fire

24. mCover Leather Folio Kindle Cover

This cover protects your Kindle from scratches and dust while also adding extra corner protection. It also has an inner pocket to hold miscellaneous stuff like money or credit cards.

Price: $11.99 |  mCover Leather Folio Kindle Cover

25. LightWedge Verso Versailles Cover for Kindle 

This unique cover for Kindle adds a suave and spiffy looks to your Kindle while simultaneously adding an appreciable layer of protection to your Amazon e-reader.

Price: $59.95 | LightWedge Verso Versailles Cover for Kindle 

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