Mountain Lion Theme For Windows 7

Mountain Lion is an amazing operating system and even the Windows 7 users want to have a piece of it in form of a theme on their desktops.

Every year after hours of continuous brain storming and expert skills, Apple comes with eloquent devices and software that dramatically contribute to the world of art. It’s the smooth edges, exquisite style and calligraphic techniques that give Apple products a distinct feel of creativity  and functionality. Apple – Mac OS X is one such product and despite its high performance some people just like it for its impeccable design.

Windows 7 has a huge advantage over Apple Mac OS X Lion in terms of its compatibility and just the fact that people are more used to it. Albeit, Windows 7 from Microsoft is a great OS to have but some people would just want to change how it looks only because they love the Apple art.

Mac Mountain Lion Theme

Designers have used their creative impulses and talent to make themes that resemble aesthetically to Apple – Mac OS X. In this post we  will introduce to you this awesome Mac Mountain lion Theme For Windows 7 which changes your Windows 7 aesthetically and particularly into one of the very first version Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Puma) 10.8. 

The theme is made perfect  and you don’t have to do anything while it is installing. The installation process is fully automatic and all the components of theme are installed with just a single click.  The skins, icons, menu resemble exactly Mac OS X Mountain Lionand there is not lag in performance for bringing that to you.

Download this Mac Mountain lion Theme For Windows 7

In order to install this theme properly you will need to disable User Account Control and close all running programs. You also need to restart your computer after you have completed the installation procedure for quick and correct installation of Mountain Lion Skin Pack to be removed (if previously installed), or other versions of packages to customize the interface (Skin Packs).

Supported operating systems: 
– X86 (32Bit) – Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
– For x64 (64Bit) – Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
– Support for all system languages

If this theme doesn’t impress or intrigue you, Macos X for Windows 7 – 64bit by ZEUSosX sure will.

MacOS X for Windows 7 – 64bit

This is more than a theme that makes your Windows 7 to behave more like a Mac. Features like separate mouse-over images, blue hover and text just like standard MacOS X. The theme is an awesome piece of work and it took the designer thousands of hours to come up with a piece of art as impeccable as this.

Download MacOS X for Windows 7 – 64bit by ZEUSosX .

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