100 High Quality qHD Wallpapers for Android

After Apple impressed everyone with their retina display on the iPhone 4, it was just a matter of time before something similar was developed for the Android phones. Resolution of a retina display is 960×640px while as that of a qHD display is 960x540px. Alrhough there is a 100px difference between the two in width, it is hardly noticeable on a small screen.

qHD Wallpapers

qHD displays haven’t failed to wow the android community in the same way retina display wow’ed all the Apple fanboys. It has become a new standard in the Android device industry. More and more manufacturers are using the technology in their handset displays now.

A display is nothing without any colorful icons, pictures and wallpapers. qHD display is no different. No matter how many pixels you have on the display, if you don’t have a nice, high quality, coloful qallpaper to make the most out of it, you might as well have a black and white display. Just for that reason, we have collected some very unique, HD quality wallpapers that go perfect with a qHD display. All these wallpapers have a resolution of 1080x540px. This size is the new standard of wallpapers made for a qHD android device.

We have collected and showcase you 100 best qHD wallpapers that will make your Android device’s display pop out. You can also put these wallpapers on any mobile device that has the qHD display screen. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

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