Virgin Mobile is The Best Alternative to your Phone Carrier – Here’s Why

Virgin Mobile offers 4G speeds, prepaid plans and a lot of options for new devices. Unlike many other cell phone carriers, it does not charge annoying fees and makes it easier for users to switch to another company if needed.

The Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile has two basic cell phone plans. The Beyond Talk plan is an unlimited plan that offers unlimited data and messages along with a range of minutes. The plans are all compatible with Android and offer good value for anyone who has a smartphone. The payLo plans are designed to be basic plans without unlimited data for those who own devices other than Android.

Cell Phone Options

What makes Virgin Mobile better than most other carriers is the options it offers when it comes to cell phones. It offers most popular devices including Android and iPhones. Users also have basic phones to select from. The company also regularly offers an exciting range of deals, discounts and codes to allow you to save a good amount of money on its services and when you purchase cell phones. Some of the current offers that you can find on the website of Virgin Mobile include:

Fees And Charges

Another major benefit that you will enjoy with Virgin Mobile is that you have lower fees and charges to deal with. If you want to switch to Virgin Mobile from another carrier, you can do so in a very simple way. Virgin Mobile makes the entire process very smooth, quick and painless. Activation will be free and you will be able to keep your phone number. The company has a 30-day guarantee and no contracts. There are no charges for roaming, account activation or early termination. If you go over your plan’s limits you don’t have to pay large fees for data overage.

What makes Virgin Mobile stand out from others is its customer support. The website has a number of good resources such as policy, manuals, user guides and FAQs and you can also contact customer support through live chat, telephone or email in case of a problem.

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