Top 7 Games from E3 2017

Though E3 is an expo for all thing electronic, more often than not the most exciting news to be announced is about the games the big developers are bringing out in the following year. This […]

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Rumoured To Feature Wireless Charging

With the launch of the new iPhone 8 expected this September, the internet has been rife with rumours about what features Apple will include on its new device. Hearsay suggests that the Californian technology giant […]


LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket Released

LEGO has just released possibly one of its coolest ever models, the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket. This originated from the LEGO Ideas site, which is a place where independent makers can design a LEGO […]


Cmhoo XL Mouse Pad Review

Having a giant mouse pad is great for gamers, but does it work on a normal desk? Giant mouse mats were originally designed to give gamers extra reach, stopping the mouse running off the pad. […]

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3 Biggest Announcements from E3 2017 So Far

E3, currently running in Los Angeles, is by far the biggest gaming event on the calendar. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, to give it its full title, is where all of the top makers and companies […]


6 Cool Mini Fridges for Summer

Summer is now fully upon us and, as the heat continues to rise, you need to find ways to stay cool. That’s why a fridge that looks cool while keeping your drinks cool is a […]

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