How to Get Rid of iPhone Spyware

As naive as it may seem, there actually are Spy software available for smartphones including Apple iPhone that steal information like call details, location, photos and much more while staying in stealth mode. The problem is that once someone gets hold of your iPhone it only takes five to ten minutes for them to bug it with Spy app but once its done, it is hard to detect these software and even harder to remove them. In case you fear that someone might already have installed this iPhone Spyware and want to get rid of this, you might first want to cross check your accusations by relating to the points given below.

iPhone spyware

10 Simple ways to Detect iPhone Spyware

1. Strange calls from Strange numbers like +20 741965895.

2. Conspicuous SMS messages from unknown numbers.

3. Low Battery Back up.

4.  Your iPhone may get warm or hot to touch even when you are not apparently  using it at all.

5. You will notice strange beeps, vibrations or flash of lights from your iPhone while it is not in use or when you are on a call.

6. Considering that almost all the Spyware apps require a physical contact with the device  to install and activate it, there is a possibility that you might find the person who actually has done it. You can try and recall if recently anyone borrowed your iPhone  in order to make a “private call” or to download a ringtone or something similar such as an app or game.

7. You might see an increase in your Cell phone Bills, especially Text message bills even when you actually don’t yourself text so much. Alternatively, there might be an unusual increase in reported data traffic since these Spyware use GPRS to transfer and collect data.

8. Another symptom of having a Spyware on your iPhone is alteration in responsiveness in the form of random freezes, slow responsiveness, slow restart or shutdown. Although, there are other factors which may lead to similar problems, but Spy ware is more likely to cause such problems when you can detect other symptoms listed so far too.

9. As a rule, iPhone uses an icon located at the top left corner to indicate data transfer. If your iPhone shows this indicator even when you are not using internet yourself, there is a huge possibility that your iPhone is being monitored using Spyware.

10. Finally, a less technical way to estimate a Spyware for your iPhone is to think of a motive or personal situation that may have triggered someone to bug your iPhone. Some common examples are jealous ex or a jealous partner, tech savvy geek, a business partner or an colleague.

How to get rid of iPhone Spyware

There are a few options that you can dispense to get rid of iPhone Spyware but conventionally Restoring your iPhone seems to be the only guaranteed way to do so. We have listed all the ways by which you can perform a iPhone Spyware clearance and you can use any of the method suitable.

1. Spyware often disguises itself as background or innocuous file to avoid detection. You can thus delete programs and files you recognize as not bundled with iPhone or not installed by yourself. An easy way to verify if you have removed the Spyware is to closely monitor the positive change in performance or Symptoms listed earlier in this post.

2. Another way to obsolete the Spyware is to restore your iPhone to latest firmware as this will change the base-band of your iPhone and thus removing the Spyware.

3. You can use an Anti-Spy software like f-secure  to get rid of iPhone Spyware.

4. Jail-broken iPhone’s have greater chance of getting bugged than un-Jail broken one’s, so a preventive measure to stay away from Spyware is not to Unlock/Jailbreak your iPhone in the first place.

5. Finally, the iPhone restore. To effectively perform an iPhone restore you need to precisely first backup necessary information on your iPhone by syncing it with iTunes. It should be kept in mind that only stuff like contacts, photos, music,etc. should be backed up as there is a possibility that you might back up even the Spyware. As for other apps, your iTunes will automatically download your purchased apps later.

After performing the backup, you need to do a complete restore of your iPhone using iTunes and complete restore does not mean doing an upgrade or simply clearing the date. When you restore your iPhone completely there is no chance that your iPhone still has a Spyware.


  1. I have an ex-girlfriend who has been hacking mine and my wifes iphones for years, I mean like 8-10 years now. She uses something called I-spy Bluetooth or something similar. She see all my texts, calls, listens to my calls, has access to my apps and all. Anyone know how to fix this at all?
    I now use Norton Vault for online use and Signal for private messaging, and I don’t believe she has access to those, but how do I get her off or out of our phones? Even when we get new iphones that are factory, she gets into them as she has a program that allows you to add like 3 phone numbers to it and it will hack those phones.

  2. I know that a private investigator is following me for a worker’s comp case, and I’m worried that my phone could have spyware. It’s been randomly freezing for the past couple of months. Is there anything I should do, other than installing the F-secure app?

    • hello Justine.

      if your phone is old, the freezing could be a symptom of its age, rather than spyware, as spyware ofen doesnt interfere with the phones processes, only watches. However, you could reset your phone and then restore a backup which should help route out any issues.

      thanks, Geeknaut.

    • hi Tina,

      generally spyware is engineered for a specific operating system, such as that on your phone. though it is possible for spyware to be engineered to be cross platform and therefore exist in the backups, this is highly unlikely, and there have been no known large cases of it happening.

      hope this helps, Geeknaut.

      • I have a stalker and I back up my phone and the spyware is on the computer because he let’s me know what I was watching on Youtube so in this case it happened to me.

  3. I have an jailbroken Iphone 4S – I recently left my ex as he has been cheating on me with men for 23 years and I was his cover. My text messages were being redirected and I know he is tracking me. He works for a poker machine company and is very smart with technology. I am using another phone at the moment – and currently getting a DVO put out against him. Can I prove he was messing with my phone – is it safe to use or should I bin it.

  4. I have 6s iPhone. Someone, my husband, interferes with my texts. I re type several different times. Even uses
    The color scribble on my texts. How do I stop this. My son called other day & my husaban ran for his phone about 20 ft away. I hear breathing when on hold to leave a message for someone. I’m positive he’s messed with my phone. He’s controlling like that. It makes me sick.

    • That is a great question and I really wish somebody would’ve answered you because I’ve been wondering the same thing. And I really wish there was someone out there with a solution instead of just telling us to restore our phones because that’s not working. I need something really strong even have to freaking buy it. I just want to detect and remove spyware on my iPhone and my Mac laptop!! Apparently Apple isn’t as perfect as they say and as I thought they were. Because someone is in my emails and definitely spying on me

      • Jamie, I have been through a complete nightmare trying to figure out the same thing. Somehow appearently it has been phished through a email of mine and just spiraled from there. Numerous backups and several restore to factory specs worked for a a day or two but never resulted in satisfaction for being secure Apple was a little bit of help by helping me fix the iTunes issue, but it all generated originally through my email, they somehow gained control of my email and completely removed me through some back screen associated program (I believe) and I don’t know it to be true but believe they have hacked into my data. Installed Mozilla, a trusted VPN, as it seems to be better now, I don’t know if it’s fixed however it did allow me to sign on to my email account through a private browser to regain access. I’m no computer geek infact play mostly from forums such as these it if you believe someone is in your accounts on your phone or email, secure everything from a unknown network. Good luck

  5. Be careful responding to a pop up like that. Some times a pop up like that will attempt to link you to spyware or other malware that has NOT been installed on your phone. if that happens again, I would immediately do a phone shut down and restart. Hopefully, that will eliminate the pop up but if the pop-up recurs, I’d call iPhone (Apple) support.

  6. I get redirected to a scam site when I log onto one well known website. It’s safe. I switched my search engine from Google to Bing. That worked for awhile. Now I’m using yahoo and that is currently. Fine. Sometimes when I try to post I get the failed to post and to retry. I do and sometimes it works. Sometimes it just spins and I have to shut my phone off! Any ideas! My wifi shows a solid connection!

    • Clear you browsing history and cache, that should eliminate the pop ups. Also check your add-ons and make sure the only ones listed, if any are, ones you picked, if not delete them. Here is the link to Apple’s offical how to article. They have an abundant of how to articles that walk you step by step on pretty much everything. I use to be a tech support there and we pretty much used the same thing to trouble shoot calls.

  7. My husband has been spying on me for years. He hears ambient conversations – all phone calls – all text messages – all emails – GPS – and more. I am going to restore my phon . But should I get him arrested first – how do I prove all this?

    • This happened to me too on my iPhone 6 but nothing happened to my phone. I did a system update and my phone is just as normal as it is. If your iPhone is acting up, then get f secure and scan your phone.

      • How can u scan your phone with f-secure? I haven’t found the app that does that because Apple deleted it from the App Store

  8. How do I know if my iPhone is being hacked .i have a small square box that has the word end in it and it’s at the bottom of my screen in the corner . It is when I text someone and I press it and it don’t do nothing

  9. What program did u find this under>PLZ!!! Same sorta issue here but I can’t find the file he has all of my personal info in.. Though I have plenty of clues to know he is hiding it >>not insane<Men eh

  10. I have i phone 4S. several days ago I detected several iphone back up and restore programs in my boyfriend’s computer. and when i opened it i found all my data (incoming and outgoing calls, messages, notes), photos (deleted from my iphone), all of them were backed up in his computer. how can I protect myself ? what should i do? please someone help me

    • Leave your boyfriend because he’s a dipshipt for spying on you. Just think what he will do if your married. After you dump his dumbbass back up your info/contacts/items that you have entered into the phone. Then restore your phone as new then down load the back up. Make sure you change any and all password. Once that’s done send him a hot picture of you and a guy holding each other on the beach with drinks. Or you can call his mom and tell her you caught him in bed with an animal and you left him. Better yet tell all the girls that he loves to lick buttholes and you left him because you can stand his stinking dirt breath from lack of brushing his teeth and never having toilet paper!

  11. I suspect that there is an iPhone Keylogger on my iPhone 4S. Do you know how to remove it? I think it is iKeyMonitor keylogger for iphone

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  13. I have an android phone. It freezes once in a while and seems to be using more battery power. Of greatest concern, however, is that the data transfer indicator shows virtually constant data transfer. It show activity at least every three minutes. Is this a sign of spyware?

    • Dammit, 2012… but for people that experience the same thing.
      Yes it is a sign of spyware/malware, I managed to get a spyware on my android and I had a nice surprise to get a wonderful bill of $150 while it should only be around $10.

      Believe it or not there are APPS on Google Play Store that somehow got posted and have/are spyware/malware & backdoored.

      Use the “reset to default fabric settings”, it should be named something like that.
      I am not sure if this will fix it for all of the malwares.

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